WSJ Editorial Board says publication of letter from Trump “barely did him any special favor”

to publish or not to publish

Following the reaction of the public and the newspaper’s own journalists, The Wall Street Journal editorial board a responded to the controversy surrounding his decision to publish a letter to the editor written by none other than former President Donald Trump.

Trump’s missive on Wednesday was actually a response to another Newspaper editorial – one on the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court that (actually) said President Biden won the state of Pennsylvania in 2020 by 80,555 votes. “Well, in fact the election was rigged, which unfortunately you still haven’t understood,” Trump wrote in response to the Newspaper, among other lies.

Thursday, however, the Journal of the editorial board did not give up on its decision to publish the letter. “We trust our readers to form their own opinions,” the board wrote, explaining “we think it’s news when a former president who could run in 2024 wrote what he said. did”.

After debunking some of Trump’s many unsubstantiated claims, the board argued that he “had done him little service by letting him respond to our editorial” given that he “made those claims elsewhere.”

“We offer the same courtesy to others we criticize, even when they make claims that we believe are false.”

“As for media officials,” the group added, “their attempts to censor Mr. Trump have done nothing to diminish his popularity.”

Already, however, some have dug holes in what they call a “weak” response.

But others praised the sharp rebuttal, “especially considering the outlet.

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