Wigan student accepted into famous shoe designer college appeals for financial aid

Aimee Lakin, a 17-year-old student and aspiring fashion designer, applied for a place at the prestigious Jimmy Choo Academy, located in Mayfair in London’s West End, but never in her wildest dreams would she thought she would never be accepted on the limited course and beat tough competition to a sought-after spot.

Degree Aimee wants to study as there is an Honors BA in Fashion Design, Branding and Entrepreneurship and she is due to start in September.

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Photo: Neil Cross. Aimee Lakin has been accepted to Jimmy Choo Fashion College in London.

The acclaimed shoe designer academy recently opened in September 2021 and hand-picks industry hopefuls from around the world to train and nurture entrepreneurial design talent to be the next generation to create and launch successful brands on the world stage.

To apply, Aimee had to send the academy her digital portfolio and complete an online interview, but she didn’t know it was a private university, the fees are much higher than the state ones. and the student loan allowance is also much less.

The course costs £18,000 a year, but Aimee will only be able to receive £6,000 a year to cover tuition fees.

Her accommodation in London will also cost £10,000 a year, but she will only receive £6,000 each year for student maintenance loans.

Photo: Neil Cross. Aimee Lakin has been accepted to Jimmy Choo Fashion College in London.

Determined to move on, Aimee worked three jobs, two waitresses and one helping small businesses with their social media accounts, as well as selling clothes and other items online to earn some of the money. to pay his way.

She has also created a Go Fund Me page and is appealing to anyone who can help her by donating.

Aimee said: “I studied fashion photography in college and really enjoyed it, I also love selling second hand clothes online so this seemed like the perfect route to get down and do what I want to do.

Photo: Neil Cross. Aimee Lakin has been accepted to Jimmy Choo Fashion College in London.

“In college, I randomly applied to Jimmy Choo Academy in London.

“They called me back a day or two later to let me know I was in and I was like, ‘Oh my god!

“I asked them, ‘why me?’ and they told me that I had been chosen because of my online activity and that it would be a very good experience to help me with the entrepreneurship side of the course.

“There are only four courses, so it’s very exclusive and only 21 students on mine, who were selected from all over the world.

“I went to the open day where they told me the course was £18,000 a year which was a shock, it’s £54,000 for the three years in total!

“I asked about the scholarships, but I’m not sure there will be any for this year.

“I also reached out to local businesses to see if they could donate to help me.”

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