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Fashion week, Paris. Photo / Supplied

New Zealand Fashion Week was due to start on Monday. This year is the platinum anniversary of Fashion Week – the week-long celebration of our local rag business is now 20 years in the making, designing, sewing and beading. Fate had other ideas though, so the event was postponed, but that’s no reason you can’t scratch your fashion itch. There is a plethora of great fashionista documentaries online, and the public library’s online system is the first place to start. Beamafilm is a free digital documentary service. You only need a library subscription.

To register, go to beamafilm.com (have your library member number ready), select your library (Auckland, for example) and create your account.

And then the fun begins.

i would start on September issue is a staple – it’s a glimpse into the inner workings of Vogue magazine, as Anna Wintour and her team compose the biggest issue of the year.

Bill Cunningham Also essential is a portrayal of the gentle and influential fashion photographer whose street style photography was beloved by fashionistas, including Wintour (who said: “We all dress for Bill”.

The life of Londoner Alexander McQueen is recounted in Mcqueen, an East End boy who rose out of poverty to become one of the world’s most famous bespoke designers. Her job was full of sex, romance, and darkness, and her life behind the scenes reflected the same. There are also movies about punk fashion icon and activist Vivienne. Westwood, Yellow is prohibited (the story of designer Guo Pei and a 50 kg gold-spun dress created by 300 embroiderers), and Dior and me, which covers Raf Simon’s first collection for Dior.

It’s a real treasure, and there is enough to accompany you until the return of Fashion Week.

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