Washington’s passion for photography leads him into the vast world of sports

By Greg Gielczyk

LUDINGTON — Joe Washington is a relative newcomer to the professional photography scene, having officially debuted in 2014.

But, he has always had an interest in capturing images of people and events since he grew up in Louisiana at a very young age. Washington moved to Michigan in 2001 and now lives in Ludington.

Growing up without the financial means to buy a camera and the necessary equipment, Washington found himself unable to fulfill his desire to become a photographer.

“When my parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday or Christmas, I always said a camera,” Washington said. “I’ve always had this love and this desire to take pictures.”

He didn’t go to college, but took online courses to learn how to use lighting and

how to operate a camera manually, rather than just having what is often called a “point and shoot”.

Photographer LSJ Joe Washington

But that’s not to say Washington isn’t educated in photography.

“Every year I go to a photographers’ conference in St. Louis, Missouri,” Washington said. “A lot of great photographers from all over the world come to this conference. They organize workshops and courses. You kind of learn from the best. I’ve been doing this for several years. »

Last year, Washington became a volunteer photographer at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, working in the athletic department. His assignments included soccer, basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

Washington covered many topics while standing behind his camera. But, eventually, sport became his particular passion.

“I reached a point where I asked myself, ‘What genre do I really like or bring me the most joy’?” Washington asked. “I would say it’s sports photography.”

He contacted the Local Sports Journal and it turned out to be a huge asset to both parties. His work is regularly featured on the journal’s website.

Besides photography, Washington works for the Michigan Education Association as

labor representative. It covers a huge area that includes everything from Oceana Counties to Benzie Counties.

Photo courtesy of Joe Washington of game action during a Ferris State University hockey game against Michigan State.

Photo courtesy of Joe Washington of a basketball game at Ferris State University

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