Uh? Justin Long and Kate Bosworth face sucking on the Hawaiian beach

Makeup alert! Justin Long, 43, and Kate Bosworth, 39, are officially BF/GFs, and they don’t care who knows. This weekend, the actors were photographed kissing passionately on a beach in Hawaii, the famous home of Bosworth. blue crush personage. You can see several exclusive photos of these two bags of bones rolling in the sand here.

According to tabloids, Long and Bosworth hooked up on a movie set in Arkansas last year, months before Bosworth posted a whiskey-fueled prose poem about her husband’s divorce on Instagram. Long confirmed the relationship in a podcast interview with the former Bachelor star Nick Viall earlier this month, saying the two kept their love private because it was so special. “I want to shout it from the rooftops but I also want to be protective. It is sacred, he said.

But that’s over now, because right after that interview, Long and Bosworth took a dad walk past Giorgio Baldi in Los Angeles, then flew to Kauai for the former In the style EIC Laura Brown’s wedding, where they rubbed shoulders with several other celebrities and let the paparazzi trail them as they kissed all day. Along with kissing on the beach, the happy holy couple also sucked faces in a parking lot under a romantic “no-tobacco zone” signage. Kudos to them for letting it all hang out.

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