Tribune Editorial: Bison Continue to Shine Nationally | Editorial

It’s up and down, where we give a brief nudge or a thumbs down on last week’s issues.

The North Dakota State University football program continues to be a source of pride for the entire state. Over the weekend, the Bisons won their ninth FCS national title in 11 seasons with a 38-10 victory over Montana State. It was a dominant performance by the NDSU, which suited a schedule that dominated its division for more than a decade. And the fact that the Bison did it with three different trainers shows the quality of the program. He will likely continue to shine on the national stage for years to come.

Omicron has arrived, with a head full of steam. The highly contagious new variant of the coronavirus that has spread around the world surfaced in North Dakota at the end of 2021, and now the number of cases is skyrocketing. The silver lining is that many omicron infections appear to cause little or no symptoms, so the number of hospitalizations is not skyrocketing. But the dramatic increase in the number of cases is another example of why people should heed the call of medical professionals and scientists to get vaccinated, receive boosters and take common sense precautions. .

Minnesota regulators have approved the transfer of a key power line license to the new owner of the Coal Creek Station power plant in McLean County. This is a key step in the future of the facility, which was due to close this year before Bismarck-based Rainbow Energy Marketing Corp. came forward to purchase it. The sale is expected to close on May 1. This is good news for the hundreds of people who work at the plant and the adjacent Falkirk mine, as well as for communities in the area.

Two young Bismarcks have learned the hard way that some jokes are just not funny. They were arrested after creating a Snapchat that included a photo of a gun and text telling students not to go to a local high school. Police and school officials say it created the fear, and Police Lt. Luke Gardiner expressed it best when he said, “A scary joke is no longer a joke.” Such cases are unfortunately becoming almost commonplace in the country, and Gardiner says the incidents in Bismarck have led to “serious” school absences. The most recent incident is a good reminder to teens that social media can be a great communication tool, but they are responsible for what they post.

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