This paparazzi asked Keanu Reeves to pay him $ 700,000

A paparazzi photographer once asked Keanu Reeves $ 700,000 for a surprising reason.

Keanu Reeves tends to stay out of the headlines for the most part. And when he’s in the news, it’s because of things like eating sandwiches on park benches or hanging out with someone who’s actually close to his age. But once, Keanu was hooked for a $ 750,000 bill from a paparazzo.

A paparazzo tried to Sue Keanu Reeves

Years ago a paparazzi photographer claimed that Keanu Reeves hit him with his car. Considering the fact that Keanu has long been a beloved part of Hollywood and somewhat of the healthiest actor of all time, fans were stumped.

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The stories didn’t match, however. While the photographer said Keanu hit him with his car, as he was leaving the hospital (Keanu was visiting someone), the actor claimed that the paparazzo tripped over his own feet.

What happened next was a court case where the photographer claimed $ 711,974 for “medical bills and other damages.” Ultimately, although Keanu didn’t have to pay a dime, although he clearly has a high enough net worth that he doesn’t have a $ 700,000 sting at all.

The photographer admitted lying

Did Keanu really hit a photographer with his Porsche? Who would risk such an expensive paint job first? But also, does Reeves really feel like knocking someone over?

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He can have a guilty pleasure that involves expensive habits. But the answer is, even though he drives a Porsche, Keanu is a standing guy who isn’t at all arrogant.

Although the photographer claimed that Keanu had hit him with his car, the truth later emerged. Sources suggest the paparazzo admitted that the wrist injury he claimed was in fact due to a sports injury in childhood.

Additionally, there was video evidence of him jumping off a fence (using both hands) that proved he had never been injured (in the past few days or months) at all.

Keanu didn’t owe the photographer a dime

Ultimately, the case was thrown out of court. In fact, Reeves’ attorney even said it’s about time the paparazzo’s time in the limelight came to an end. As for the photographer himself, the man didn’t look sheepish at all.

As he left the courtroom, onlookers apparently asked him if he would try to photograph Keanu again. The smug photographer said he could do it, leading fans to wonder if Keanu would consider a restraining order.

Who needs someone so clumsy and dishonest around their Porsche (or them at all, for that matter)?

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