The usually quiet residents of quaint surf town San Diego are bracing for the ‘paparazzi apocalypse’ after famous first daughter Emily Ratajkowski is revealed to be in a relationship with Pete Davidson!

Each rose has its thorn.

The World Surf League is halfway through a three-year contract to host its most famous and wildly watched finale on the cobblestones of Lower Trestles and, no doubt, San Clemente officials are confident of their place in the pantheon. Yes, the Spanish seaside village is often considered one of the best surf towns in America with its trestles (upper, lower, mid), Andinos, Colapintos, Bioloses, and more. Oh, Huntington Beach, just up the 405, nicknamed “Surf City, USA” might have something to say about that and probably Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii also over there on the other side of the Pacific, but San Clemente has Final’s Day and that’s saying a lot.

Although there were apparently not enough volumes for, a few hours ago, San Clemente along with Huntington Beach, Haleiwa, Santa Cruz, Princetown, Coos Bay, Kill Devil Hills, various Newports were stunned as the blog Respected travel company ParkSleepFly has dubbed Kelly Slater’s Cocoa Beach, Florida the ‘best surf town in America.’

By Travel + Leisure:

The best surf spots in the world have more than reliable waves. To get the ultimate surf vibe you need warm water, plenty of breaks and a nice long beach. And it doesn’t hurt if there’s also a fun surf party in the water.

Travel blog ParkSleepFly took all of this – and more – into account when rating some of the best surf spots in the United States. The site took into account natural factors such as the number of surf spots, water temperature and length of coastline in addition to social factors such as the number of Google searches and Instagram tags. And Cocoa Beach in Florida came out on top with a score of 8.32 out of a possible 10.

The longtime surf town has beaten other spots like Waikiki Beach in Hawaii and Huntington Beach, California. And that made winning easy. In Cocoa Beach, home to world famous surfer Kelly Slater, the average sea temperature is 80 degrees and there are 78 surf spots clustered along nearly 20 km of coastline. The beach is also trending online, with more than 3,000 surf-related Instagram hashtags and 5,800 Google searches.

But as any surfer knows, a good surf spot is more than just good breaks and a cool crew. To keep the appetite alive, you need to eat and sleep – and if you’re a beginner, chances are you need a lesson. Here’s how to plan a surf spot (see what we did there) in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

But have you surfed on Cocoa Beach? I have been, once, and been to the giant Ron Jon surf shop and also the Kelly Slater statue. The waves were below the knees (Surfline 5-8ft) when I visited and I didn’t consider paddling. If I had known it was trending on Instagram, I might have thought differently.

Pop a bottle of… something to celebrate.

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