The paparazzi who took the infamous photo of Lisa Wilkinson drinking alone are now asking her for an apology!

The paparazzi behind the now infamous photos of Lisa Wilkinson “drinking alone” has released an open letter slamming Wilkinson for calling him “creepy!”

The paparazzi only revealed that his first name was Steve, which is very mysterious! However, without mystery, he published an open letter in Michael Smith News, in response to Wilkinson’s version of events.

He wrote: “Let me introduce myself, I’m Steve and I’m the ‘creepy old man’ who photographed you sipping margaritas at a quiet dinner the other day in Melbourne. Who would have thought that “it” would turn into “it”?

“Let’s talk about the ‘scary old man’ reference first. I’m actually 10 years younger than you, so Lisa, how does that make you? An “old lady”? Of course not, and shame on everyone who refers to you as that because it’s demeaning, sexist and downright offensive.

Steve then jumped into questioning Wilkinson’s version of events, offering his own version.

Steve wrote: ‘You claim you knew about a guy. “He was incredibly menacing. I’ve seen him pass half a dozen times staring at me.

“Really? Here’s the thing. I didn’t walk past you once. Hundreds of other people did, as you’d expect given where you were sitting, outside the window from a busy hotel on Melbourne’s busiest street.

“If you felt so ‘totally violated’ by this ‘creepy old man’ who I note you gave no description of other than to say he didn’t have a camera, which has no makes sense considering you can’t take a picture without a picture, so why didn’t you move to the back of the restaurant to escape the prying eyes?

Then he tried to make a point about hypocrisy.

He wrote: “Lisa, this is nonsense. Yes, I earn my living by taking pictures. It’s the same celebrity/entertainment journalism that pays your $2 million a year salary. Our platforms may be different, but in many ways our jobs are similar.

“So instead of the hypocrisy, I think it’s time for some honesty – and maybe even an apology. Sincerely, Steve (aka the creepy old man).

It was a very long open letter, and in the end it came out pretty clearly that Steve wasn’t “sorry” for making Wilkinson uncomfortable. Who do what you want.

It’ll be interesting to see if Wilkinson responds, but if I were Steve, I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

Of course, if you’re new to this story and wondering why the hell a paparazzi is asking Wilkinson for an apology, let me take you back to a few days ago.

This whole debacle started when The daily mail published an article with the title “Lisa Wilkinson sips a margarita as she dines alone in a restaurant in Melbourne following The Project’s recent panellist reshuffle”.

The article was accompanied by a photo of Wilkinson enjoying a margarita by herself, and the cover by The daily mail quickly got grilled online.

After all, why is Wilkinson drinking news alone?

In response, Wilkinson then took to Twitter and tweeted, “I was aware of a guy. He was incredibly menacing. I’ve seen him pass half a dozen times staring at me.

“I never saw a phone or a camera. I was so worried that I waited an hour, working until I thought he had left the area. Horrifying that an agency press employs people like that.

She also responded on Instagram and wrote, “And here’s to women all over the world being able to happily – and safely – go out to dinner after a long day!

“To work, skim through a few dozen emails, text friends, have a cheeky cocktail, eat broccoli (because, hey, greens!), catch up on some reading, wear clothes, place their hair behind one ear and place a white towel over their lap in peace… without worrying about being shamed or judged or dissected or feeling totally violated by a creepy old man secretly taking pictures designed to make you look sad and lonely .

“When you’re having a great night, doing EXACTLY what you want to do, and with EXACTLY who you want to be with.”

And now we’ve reached the part of the story where the dad who took Wilkinson’s picture asks for an apology.

There is no business like show business!

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