‘The Hills’ star Heidi Montag casually nibbles her raw heart on the street

Iconic reality series of the 2000s The hills was filled with people living on a different plane of existence than the rest of us, and former star Heidi Montag continues to act that way.

Montag, who is in a relationship with the nickname “Speidi,” was photographed by paparazzi earlier this week casually munching on a raw bison heart. The meat was contained in a huge plastic bag which appears to have been used to store evidence in ITUC. Noticing the porridges, Montag grinned as he continued to chew on the bloody organ.

To each their own, I guess. A lot of people don’t like to eat even the smallest food in public and here’s Montag here with a literal bovine heart.

It’s nothing new for her: The reality star has embraced the benefits of her bizarre raw meat diet for the past few months. Last January, she filmed herself eating raw liver, which she called the “breakfast of champions.” She even tagged a real doctor, Dr. Paul Saladino, who uses his Instagram page to promote the health benefits of eating raw meat.

She followed that up with another video of herself eating raw liver in February. “There are so many health benefits to eating liver, animal organs, raw liver,” she claimed in the video.

If you want to eat raw meat like the Montag, eat deeply (sorry), but do it at your own risk: Anyone who eats raw meat is at risk of “foodborne illness, according to healthline.com. Cooking meat properly eliminates potentially harmful pathogens and bacteria.

Montag is still with her husband Spencer Pratt – aka “Speidi” – whom she met on The hills. The two are parents to 4-year-old son Gunner.

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