The five greatest football goals of all time that would never have existed if VAR had existed

Every football fan is familiar with the aching stomach pain when their team or country concedes a goal, which simply shouldn’t have been.

Even the mere mention of the goalscorer’s name is enough to trigger painful flashbacks the very moment you put your head in your hands and say ‘It’s not fair’.

While it will always have its critics and skeptics, there’s no doubt that VAR has toned down those painful memories somewhat.

Controversy persists in football, but the startup problems of the early days of the system have mostly been resolved and developed.

Football fans of all generations, clubs and nations, know that painful flashbacks are likely, because Daily Star Sport considers five of the greatest goals of all time that would never have existed if VAR had been present.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Mkhitaryan was offside when he scored his incredible Scorpion Kick goal

Henrik Mkhitaryan’s spells at Manchester United and Arsenal may have been largely forgettable, but it’s a moment every Premier League fan will remember.

The Armenian striker scored a Boxing Day cracker; hammering home a sensational ‘Scorpion kick’ in United’s 3-1 home win over Sunderland in 2016.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who was in the unusual situation of crossing a soccer ball, folded a cross past the Armenian striker.

However, the former Borussia Dortmund star improvised majestically, throwing himself forward, stepping back his right leg and sensationalizing the ball to the far corner.

Unfortunately, that fine goal wouldn’t have held up if VAR was in place, as the midfielder was nearly two meters offside when the cross entered.

Wayne rooney

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LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 22: Wayne Rooney of Manchester United scores the first goal with a long distance shot during the Barclays Premier League match between West Ham United and Manchester United at Boleyn Ground on March 22, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Julian Finney / Getty Images)

Wayne Rooney has scored a catalog of wonderful goals during his peak years at Manchester United.

However, one of his best goals of all time was reportedly canceled by VAR.

There seemed little danger when a bouncing ball landed close to Rooney on the halfway line, during United’s tough game against West Ham United at Upton Park.

However, Rooney used to produce the spectacular out of nowhere, and he did so in East London, as he dropped the ball, let it bounce, and threw a half volley 50 yards away. above Adrian and behind the net.

Sadly, his celebrations were reportedly cut short, most likely after glancing at the monitor from the side of the field as he clearly pushed defenseman James Tomkins before shooting.

Darren bent

Darren Bent's game-winning goal against Liverpool in 2009 deflected a beach ball
Darren Bent’s game-winning goal against Liverpool in 2009 deflected a beach ball

Darren Bent’s momentous goal against Liverpool in 2009 was so insane that the culprit is currently tucked behind glass in the National Football Museum.

The 49,000 people in the stadium of light moved to the edge of their seats to celebrate, when a hopeful cross fell on the Bent lurking at the edge of the penalty area. Unsurprisingly, the net swelled and Bent took to the skies to celebrate.

However, unbeknownst to many in the stadium, Bent’s effort deflected a beach ball thrown onto the pitch by a Liverpool fan and completely bamboozled Pepe Reina. The goal was inconceivably awarded and Sunderland won the game 1-0.

If VAR had been in place it would of course have been banned, and the culprit beach ball would not have had a prominent place in the National Football Museum in Liverpool.

Diego Maradona

Sport, Football, Football World Cup 1986, Mexico, Quarter-final, Argentina 2 v England 1, June 22, 1986 Argentina’s Diego Maradona scores 1st goal with his Hand of God, past English goalkeeper Peter Shilton (Photo by Bob Thomas Sports Photography via Getty Images)

English fans should sit down, as this horrific flashback is likely to cause dizziness, outbursts of fury, anger and sadness.

It is 1986 and Argentina captain Diego Maradona has just scored the “goal of the century” to give the South Americans the advantage against England in the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come, as the little magician then passed Peter Shilton and touched the ball over the goalkeeper and into the net.

However, an action replay continued to prove that the Barcelona and Napoli legend did indeed strike the ball over the goalkeeper and into the back of the net.

The goal would have been immediately disavowed, and who knows, perhaps we would not have sung about fifty years of evil.

Geoff hurst

No one knows if Geoff Hurst's vital second goal crossed the line or not
No one knows if Geoff Hurst’s vital second goal crossed the line or not

It is better not to solve some mysteries. VAR technology and the goal line have revolutionized football, but that doesn’t mean we always wanted it in place.

Arguably the most iconic goal in English football history might not have been scored if it had been, as no one knows for sure whether Geoff Hurst’s second goal in the final of the 1966 World Cup completely crossed the line.

The West Ham legend scored Sir Alf Ramsey’s side’s third goal against West Germany at Wembley, down the crossbar and, depending on where your allegiance is, just below above the goal line – probably.

VAR and Goal-line technology would have immediately confirmed whether the effort crossed the goal line or not. The Loch Ness Monster will likely be discovered before we get a 100% accurate answer as to whether its target has crossed the line or not.

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