The Editorial Board: Lynne Dixon’s Digital Lie Puts the Controller Race Badly | Editorial

The attack announcement broadcast by his campaign seems unworthy of Dixon, a former television reporter and member of the Erie County Legislature. She should drop the ad and apologize to Hardwick and constituents in Erie County.

In a meeting with the editorial board of The News this month, Dixon complained that her political opponents linked her to Chris Collins and Mychajliw in an attempt to “campaign against someone from” other than me ”.

“I am my own person,” she said, “and it would be nice if they had the courage to come up against me and debate the issues rather than fight someone other than me. . “

And yet, that’s exactly what Hardwick’s mock publicity does, portraying his opponent as a supporter of the former Republican president.

With early voting underway and election day approaching, negative political ads come as no surprise. Many of them twist the facts or twist the truth, but the bogus Hardwick Mail goes beyond the usual game.

Hardwick, a member of the Erie County Legislature, is a former Republican who switched sides and became a Democrat in 2018. It’s a fact that a political opponent could honestly question and try to use against him. To portray him as an ally of Trump who wants to “make Erie County great again” is an outright lie. It’s also a puzzling political strategy from a candidate running with the support of Republicans and Conservatives.

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