‘That’s why they only wear outfits once’: Kim Kardashian was spotted jumping down the stairs after her curves almost made her super expensive dress rip in front of paparazzi

Kim Kardashian has once again shown her fondness for a good fashion moment. A music video of the reality TV star has gone viral, showing her attending Milan Fashion Week wearing a super figure-hugging sparkly dress. The funny thing is, she couldn’t even walk in that extraordinarily expensive outfit.

Kim Kardashian struggles with her dress

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People all over the internet are wheezing after seeing her jumping here and there in her skintight dress and even shared reactions on Twitter. The original music video was shared by her friend Stephanie Shepherd and it immediately went viral.

Kim Kardashian battles her way up the stairs in a bodycon Dolce & Gabbana dress

Kim Kardashian's hilarious walk goes viral
Kim Kardashian’s hilarious walk goes viral

The viral video shows Kim Kardashian arriving in a Dolce and Gabbana dress wearing high heels, but struggling to walk in her extraordinary outfit. She was later seen jumping up stairs and even struggling to get into the car. She still needs extra help as people are seen holding her arms as she takes small steps to make her way to the top.

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Many people commented on social media and felt that they would never want to wear such a tight dress. Although they are wealthy, people apparently cannot afford to wear a comfortable, well-fitting dress. A user commented on a funny edit saying “Kim K is the perfect example of style over comfort” while another wrote, “I just dressed comfortably and wore my pajamas on the red carpet.” She really struggled with the outfit and wasn’t even comfortable wearing it, but hey, it’s all about glamour.

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Kim Kardashian on her extreme commitment to fashion

Kim Karadshian's Met Gala Look
Kim Kardashian Met Gala look

The whole scene looks familiar from her Met Gala look when the reality TV star wore Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress, a different sparkly outfit that also made it difficult to get upstairs. Previously, she had also been seen wrapped head to toe in Balenciaga tape, the plastic creaking as she walked, which is no surprise to see.

Kim Kardashian would have done anything for fashion. She said in an interview, “I really, really care about looking good, I probably care about over 90% of the people on this planet.” Also during a June interview with The New York Times, she joked that she would probably eat poop if it made her look younger. Fans across the internet took note of the hilarious yet realistic fashion blip. As always, the video has also gone viral on TikTok with some users reposting the clip while others are making edits with the help of a funny sound.

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