Taste Takers’ Keyla Marquez Shares Her Tips For Finding The Best Vintage Outfit

With Marinero, I was like, okay, he likes vintage, he likes retro, but he also likes to put his own flair into it, and that’s what I do, that’s why I have the felt that our relationship that day was a nice little flow. We both see fashion the same way: as an extension of the things we love from the past and the things we love in the future. And we just mix those two.

Imagine that you and I are going to save some money. What advice would you give me to compose an outfit?

Number one: be careful with the fabrics you choose. Many vintage polyesters do not breathe. When you go out, you don’t want to wear something that will make you too hot in ten minutes. Make sure you find something comfortable. I love rayon or cotton, fabrics that last forever and breathe. Keep in mind the maintenance of your clothes. Yes, you buy something for $10, but you’re going to have to dry clean it forever. Also, if something doesn’t fit, don’t give up, because there are excellent tailors. You can get whatever is suitable for your body and it will do business with a great local tailor. I literally have four different tailors in LA and I go to each of them for different things: leather, suits, evening dresses, etc. There is a tailor for everything.

Another tip: don’t choose colors that wash you out just because the outfit is cool. I see this happen so many times, someone will say, “That looks so cool!” And I’m like, ‘Yeah, but the color sucks, and it washes you out.’ You should buy things that go with you in color and tone. I feel like people forget that for style there are laws of infinite potential. Sometimes my clients say “Oh, I could never wear that”. And I’m like, ‘Yes, you could!’ Everything has potential – don’t throw away something you love because you’ve never worn anything like it. Try.

It’s about having that power within. You can literally make anything move. It’s really all about confidence. And it’s all about attitude, and it all depends on how you approach things. And if you approach things from a perspective full of power and light and love, I feel like you’re going to get it in return.

Photo by Gilbert Trejo

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Toyota’s new Corolla Cross gives us all the tools to successfully move forward into our future. Do you have any future projects you would like to share?

Start my business Lujo Depot: The first online wardrobe rental showroom for the industry by the industry. I am extremely excited and passionate about this new chapter in my life as it encapsulates my life experiences and my love for fashion and community and which is deeply rooted in the foundation of the company. I’ve been working on it for a year and a half and we’re launching this summer. Half of the website will be a free membership based on platform for fashion industry creatives to hire new, emerging and established designers as well as vintage. The other half will be a blog highlighting the designers we carry as well as telling their story, creative process and influences behind their collections. Often we see clothes and admire them for their beauty, but we forget how much magic and love there is in the design and creation process. This documentation is just as special, and my goal is to highlight it, tell those stories, and build community along the way. I want to be a vehicle for a new way of telling stories because not everything has to be transactional – there’s so much intention and meaning behind fashion and I’m here to shed light on that world and the geniuses behind it.

Photo by Gilbert Trejo

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