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Mumbai, August 9

Bollywood diva Taapsee Pannu has argued with Paparazzi during a promotional event for her upcoming movie Dobaaraa in Mumbai.

The incident happened as the ‘Naam Shabana’ star was heading to a promotional event for his upcoming movie Dobaaraa in Mumbai.

The 35-year-old actress arrived at the scene and rushed inside without giving the paparazzi time to photograph her for a moment. She heard the cameraman angrily complain that they had been waiting for her for two hours to take her picture. Taapsee, however, explained to them that she was just sticking to the schedule given to her.

“Mujhe jo bola gaya main kar rahi hoon, aap mere pe kyu chilla rahe ho? (I’m doing everything I’ve been asked to do, why are you yelling at me),” Taapsee said before pointing to a paparazzo particular in the crowd and added, “Please speak to me respectfully, I’m just doing my job. I arrived on time at every place I was asked to. You will speak to me with respect, I will also speak to you with respect. “

Taapsee later added, “The camera is on me, so only my side can be seen. If it’s on you for once, you would have understood how you talk to me. Aap hi hamesha sahi host ho, actor hi hamesha galat hota hai (You are always right, and the actors are always at fault)”, after the other cameramen tried to settle the situation.

Here is the video of the argument:

‘Dobaaraa’ opened in one of the most prestigious film festivals such as London Film Festival and Fantasia Film Festival 2022, and was well received by audiences. Taapsee came as a surprise item through a TV screen. The audience is stunned and waiting to see where Taapsee’s time travel story leads.

Directed by Anurag Kashyap and produced by Ekta Kapoor, the film is set to hit theaters on August 19, 2022. It is Anurag and Taapsee’s third collaboration following 2018 hit “Manmarziyaan” and biographical drama “Saand Ki Aankh (2019), on which he served as producer.

Apart from this, Taapsee will also be seen in Rajkumar Hirani’s upcoming ‘Dunki’ alongside Shah Rukh Khan.

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