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The Superunion Asia team has been appointed to develop a new identity for World Table Tennis (WTT) in order to capture new audiences and partners. The WTT was created by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and kicked off with its inaugural tournament held in Macau last year.

Since table tennis was only taken seriously as a competitive and commercial sport in relatively few countries, the ITTF decided to change that. The Superunion team worked with the WTT to position it more centrally and to present the sport in new ways.

One example was to reverse the audience’s perspective by showing the game from the ball’s point of view, better capturing the energy and skill of the game. Identity design, on the other hand, aims to mirror the photograph. sporty by capturing the way players focus on the movement of the game.

With 563 million fans worldwide, WTT quickly gained popularity. Table tennis has officially become the most watched sport in China and has quickly garnered 350 million unique viewers after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in recent months.

Due to this growing popularity, brands such as Coca-Cola and Tata have become official partners of all WTT events in China in 2021. And with the next tournaments taking place in the United States, Liebherr has committed to as a sponsor.

The WTT Cup Finals will take place in the OCBC Arena in Singapore from December 4-7, 2021.

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