Spain: heroes on bikes come to the aid of the poorest

Raul Reyes meets a family to hand out homework assignments to their children in Santander, Spain. (photo by Joaquin Gomez Sastre)

FMT in partnership with The Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) brings you a Covid-19 “healer” from Spain.

Raul Reyes is a volunteer with the Cantabria Bicycle Association (Cantabria ConBici).

When the pandemic first broke out in Spain, the government was quick to decree a mandatory quarantine for its population, with the aim of controlling the spread of Covid-19. But it has had a negative effect on many poor families, especially in Santander.

To make matters worse, many of these families do not have access to a stable internet connection at home, preventing and limiting their children’s participation in online classes.

Reyes leaves another mission to a family. (photo by Joaquin Gomez Sastre)

Fortunately, Reyes and his association teammates quickly helped the families there.

He and his team have worked hard to help bring the children’s homework home, to help give some form of continuity to affected families.

During the lockdown, the association also helped distribute food and essentials using its many bicycles, promoting a cheap and eco-friendly way to get to these families around the area. city ​​of Santander.

Joaquin was born in Santander, Spain. He started working as a freelance photographer, reporting on social content and focusing on press photography. He has collaborated with many local and national newspapers, agencies as well as various magazines. In addition, he devotes himself to teaching by giving workshops and photography lessons. Since 2015, he has been curator of the “Click, Cantabrian Photojournalism” project and is president of the APFC (Professional Association of Cantabrian Photojournalists). Among the prizes he has won are Pancho Cossío, Tervalis, the Valencia International Photography Fair, the I Félix Ordoñez 2014 sports photography competition, second prize of the 2nd Pablo Leaves Photography Award Llama 2016, Gold medal in the Life Press Photo 2018 Nature category, GPU bronze medal (series) at the International Biennial of Digital Photojournalism APhotoReporter 2019 and a Gold Medal Spot news series Life Press Photo 2020. See his portfolio here.

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