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The winners of the annual Southern Media Showcase competition were announced during a special online presentation earlier this month at Missouri Southern State University.

The annual competition is open to high school students in the region in the categories of publications and audio / video work, with the winners receiving medals. In the past, students would come to campus for a day of presentations and awards. The program was revised last year to become an online competition only due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Southern Media Showcase is sponsored by the Missouri Southern Communications Department. This year, support was provided by the Missouri Broadcasters Association, the Missouri Press Association, the Department of Relations and Marketing at Missouri Southern State University, and the local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.


Column: First up, “What should I wear”, Chloe Friend, Joplin.

Editorial writing: First place, “Personal Heroes”, Jasmine deGroat, Joplin.

Featured photography: First place, “Hear My Love”, Betty Sue Wiles, Joplin; second place, “Honorary Team Member,” TJ Tracy, Joplin; third place, “Sing It for the Crowd”, Hannah Holmes, Joplin.

Writing features: First place (tie), “Was it all a dream? », Morgan Cravens, Joplin; first place (tie), “Once the Ink Dries”, Logan Fletcher, Joplin; second place (tie), “Think Different”, Alex Carson, Joplin; second place (tie), “A Legacy Not Soon Forgotten”, Jasmine deGroat, Joplin; third place (tie), “Ghostly Hauntings”, TJ Tracy, Joplin; third place (tie), “ACT: Test preparation is key”, Wyatt Satterlee, Joplin.

Infographics : First place, “More than a flower”, Morgan Cravens and Emily Flores, Joplin; second place, “Trail to Healthy Living”, Ben Koelkebeck, Joplin; third place, “College Bound”, Jayla Hunter and Paige Krumsick, Joplin.

News photography: First place, “Taking School Outside – Ropin ‘and Draggin’”, Alli Hayes, Purdy; second place, “Anticipation for the Win”, TJ Tracy, Joplin; third place (tie), “Nixa Spirit”, Maleah Bays, Nixa; third place (tie), “American Jeep Life”, Libby Roden, Purdy.

News writing: First place, “Nixa Mayor Recall”, Brycen Osborne, Nixa; second place (tie), “Afghanistan”, Zachary Street, Nixa; second place (tie), “Losing Track of Quarantines”, Eli Dean, Nadia May and Jamie Scriven, Nixa; second place (tie), “Injection of Hope”, Eli Dean, Nixa.

Front page design: First Place, “Fall 2021”, Braden Dennis, Nixa; second place, “Fall 2021 Cover”, TJ Tracy, Joplin; third place, “Joplin Spyglass Spring Cover”, Morgan Cravens, Joplin.

Photoshop battle: First place, “Gary Unchained”, Ruby Knight, Purdy; second place, “minimum wage worker,” Trent Bass, East Newton; third place, “It was a Jurassic joke”, Michael Yang, East Newton.

Publication, better overall: First place, “Joplin Spyglass Fall 2021”, Lillie Carrier, Brayden Dick, Logan Fletcher, Chloe Friend, Jayla Hunter, Wyatt Satterlee, Elisia Spiering, TJ Tracy and Isa Hererra; second place, “Nixa Wingspan”, Madalyn Tuning and Katelynn Gibson; third place (tie), “Joplin Spyglass 2020”, Morgan Cravens, Jasmine deGroat, Alexandra Carson, Melanie Cerrato, Logan Fletcher, Emily Flores, Hadyn Howard, Jayla Hunter, Dakayda Jessip, Benjamin Koelkebeck, Megan Meeker, Josiah Stewart, Kollin Parrish , Averi Burks, Isa Hererra and Kailey Hamilton; third place (tie), “Graduation Double Page Spread”, Bronaugh.

Sports photography: First place, “I believe I can fly”, Sophie Schuller, Joplin; second place, “Eyes on the Prize”, Olivia Williams, Joplin; third place, “Tunnel Vision”, TJ Tracy, Joplin.

Sports writing: First place, “From MO to Tokyo”, Eli Dean, Nixa; second place, “Back to the mat”, Katelynn Gibson, Nixa.


Animation: First Place, “Down on the Farm,” Avery Crain, Cassville; second place, “Birb Animation”, Hector Perez, Carthage; third place, “Rockin ‘Around the Christmas Tree”, Edgar Gomez, Carthage.

Audio Public Service Announcement: First Place, “Social Media Dangers,” Levi Richards, Joplin; second place, “Road Safety”, Myles Griffith, Joplin; third place (tie), “Suicide”, Liv Taylor, Webb City; third place (tie), “Carpool”, Haylee Murray, Webb City.

The comedy: First Place, “Dating Advice,” Jameson Layne and Chance Bailey, Joplin; second place, “Tik Tok Addiction”, Bryce Paoli, Reid Martin and Koby Graham, Nixa; third place, “Movie Theater Romance”, Mariah Francisco, Webb City.

Commercial: First place, “Nike”, Aliya Atkinson, Webb City; second place, “Revlon”, Sydney Lopez, Webb City; third place, “Peloton”, Aliya Atkinson, Webb City; honorable mention (tie), “Truman Walking Insurance”, Henry Anger and Elijah Smith; honorable mention (tie), “FBLA / DECA Spirit Shop”, Tyler Burt, Carthage.

Documentary: First place, “The importance of teachers”, Paris Moua and Sandy Thao, East Newton; second place, “Australia: A Closer Look”, Kyahn Ely, Webb City; third place, “3AM Mocumentary”, Caleb Burton, Malik Muhaisen, Edgar Gomez-Gonzalez, Hector Perez, Isaiah Bussey, Perla Valdovinos, Xzandria Avina and Jason Chuta, Carthage.

Drama: First place, “Alone in the Dark”, Caleb Cook and Sage Cranford, Webb City; second place, “2020”, Mariah Fancisco, Webb City; third place (tie), “In the Forest,” Brandy McClintock, Webb City; third place (tie), “The Meaning of Love”, Sydney Lopez, Webb City; third place (tie), “A Hopeless Escape”, Gabriel Jacob, Webb City.

Epic Movie Trailer: First place, “Socky Vs. Eminem”, Hector Perez, Kaden Kralicek and Chastin Utter, Carthage.

Five second video: First place, “5-Second Futball”, Hector Perez and Edgar Gomez, Carthage; second place, “Time Warp Boomerang”, Alexandra Carson, Joplin; third place, “Man Peel”, Sam Winesburg and Drake Miller, Webb City; Honorable Mention, “Sandwich Time”, Matthew Pratt, Joplin.

Musical clip: First place, “Nemesis”, Sydney Lopez, Aili McFall and Elease McFall, Webb City; second place, “A Big House”, Caleb Cook, Webb City; third place, “Where’s all the time?” », Alexandra Carson, Joplin.

News package: First place, “You Matter”, Delanie Goss, Nixa; second place (tie), “Disinformation”, Lucas Finger, Nixa; second place (tie), “Ag Day”, Natalie Himmelsbach and Gia Jourdan, Joplin; second place (tie), “Food Truck Friday”, Kennedy DeRuy, Joplin; third place (tie), “Dover Hill Groundbreaking”, Kadin Storm and Landson Johnson, Joplin; third place (tie), “Foreign Exchange at JHS”, Gia Jourdan, Joplin; third place (tie), “Tiny House”, Jason Chuta, Isaiah Bussey and Sam Carr, Carthage; third place (tie), “Brake With Baker”, Hailey Bryant, Carthage.

Podcast: First place, “Valentine’s Day Goals”, Will Rouhani and Evan Hirsch, Nixa; second place “Titan TV Talk”, Kate Zahm, Casey Soper and Jaxson Haraughty, Columbus; third place, “Tuesday Talks”, Katelynn Burgess and Avery Westhoven, Webb City.

PSA video: First place, “Make the Change”, Cree Vaden, Webb City; second place (tie), “Carpool”, Haylee Murray, Izzy Lopez and Kenna Garza, Webb City; second place (tie), “Milk”, Kyahn Ely, Webb City; third place, “Sports Injury,” Kenzie Robbins, Webb City.

Sport package: First Place, “A Swimming Star,” Haylee Murray, Webb City; second place, “New Joplin Video Board”, Kennedy DeRuy, Joplin; third place, “Olympian Come Back Home to Nixa”, Elle Justice, Ryne Swanson and Zeltzin Mondragon-Garcia, Nixa.

Sports programming: First place, “Webb City Football Intro ’21”, Isaac Wade and Kyahn Ely, Webb City; second place, “Webb City Soccer Intro ’21”, Isaac Wade, Webb City; third place, “Cheer”, Karson Greene and Saleen Ortega, Carthage.

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