“She was my friend!” Alec Baldwin talks to paparazzi about death on the set of “Rust” – KCAL9 and CBS2 News, Sports, and Weather

‘Real Housewives’ star Dorit Kemsley issues statement since robbing Encino HomeDorit Kemsley, star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” released her first statement since being robbed at her Encino home on Wednesday.

Police investigate a series of stabbings in downtown LA on Friday nightA man has been arrested in connection with the stabbing, but police are still investigating the reasons and circumstances surrounding the incident. Two victims are listed in serious condition.

Reginald Moore prayer vigil was held on Saturday as family urges an end to senseless violenceMore than a week after a pastor was shot dead in Compton, the man’s family and friends gathered for a prayer vigil in his honor. There, they urged people to stop with the senseless violence and turn to God, something Moore would have liked to help them do.

Alec Baldwin opens up about death from filming for the first timePaparazzi met Alec Baldwin at a house he and his family were staying in in Vermont, telling him about the incident for nearly five minutes.

LA Guaranteed Basic Income Program UpdateLos Angeles has just adopted the largest guaranteed basic income program in the United States. CBS interviewed former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, who helped create a similar initiative during his tenure.

Vaccine against the coronavirus: Demonstration against the vaccine mandate in Orange; door-to-door vaccination promotion in WilimingtonSupporters and opposition to the coronavirus mandate and California’s impending vaccine mandate took to the streets on Saturday to voice their arguments.

San Diego wildlife researchers find pristine births in condorsSan Diego wildlife researchers have discovered a series of “virgin births” in at least two endangered California condors.

Day of the Dead 5KTo celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, participants ran a 5 km marathon and celebrated soon after.

SpaceX delays launch due to stormA SpaceX launch that was scheduled to take off on Saturday night has been postponed due to a heavy storm in the northeastern United States. The new scheduled take-off is this Wednesday, November 3.

G20 summit 2021President Joe Biden and other leaders from some of the richest countries in the world have met for the 2021 G20 summit, the first since the COVID-19 pandemic canceled the 2020 summit.

USC admits acting too slowly on sexual assault allegationsThe University of Southern California released a statement, admitting that its reaction to a series of sexual assault cases was not timely.

Prayer vigil for the associate pastor heldA prayer vigil was held for Associate Pastor Reginald Moore on Saturday after his shooting last weekend at an intersection in Compton.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva changes fashionThe Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will now be allowed to wear cowboy hats, in the tradition of California’s Western roots.

Amid new vaccination mandates, some locals are protesting while others are pushing for vaccinationThe story of two towns: Residents of Orange protested against vaccination warrants on Saturday morning, while those of Wilmington went door to door to encourage residents to get vaccinated.

Several people stabbed at big Halloween party in downtown Los AngelesA suspect has been arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly stabbing three people at an early Saturday morning Halloween party in downtown Los Angeles.

Authorities investigate stabbing in downtown LA on Friday nightAuthorities are investigating a stabbing that took place in downtown LA on Friday night. They arrested a suspect at the scene around 2:30 a.m.

Heidi Planck Latest Research: Friends Believe New Clues Are EmergingAs investigators continue to search for missing mother of 39, Heidi Planck, some friends who have distributed flyers around the apartment complex involved in the case believe new clues will come to light.

“She was my friend!” Alec Baldwin talks to paparazzi about death on ‘Rust’ setThe paparazzi caught up with Alec Baldwin at a house he is staying in in Vermont, where he spoke to them, considering Halyna Hutchins to be his friend, among others.

The gunsmith in charge of gun safety on the set of “Rust” speaks outLawyers for Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the gunsmith in charge of gun safety on the set of the western movie “Rust” where Halyna Hutchins, the film’s director of photography, was shot dead by actor Alec Baldwin when he has shot a gun, speak out on his behalf.

Police investigate after 4 people were stabbed in downtown Los AngelesJoy Benedict reports from downtown Los Angeles where police were investigating an incident in early Saturday morning where at least four people were stabbed at 7th and Spring Street.

Olga Ospina weather forecast (Oct 30)Olga Ospina details the latest weather forecast for the south of the country.

East LA Classic final: Roosevelt breaks 10-year losing streak as game makes triumphant return after pandemicA nearly century-long rivalry game was called off by the coronavirus pandemic last season, but that didn’t stop the two teams from putting on a show for fans on Friday night, as Roosevelt was keen to take a 10- consecutive year of losses.

Federal agents enter Heidi Planck’s houseArmed with a search warrant and handguns, federal investigators entered Heidi Planck’s home on Friday evening.

LA County businesses prepare for mandatory vaccines to take effect on November 4Starting November 4, businesses in Los Angeles, including restaurants, bars, cafes, lounges, theaters and gyms, will need to request proof of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test for customers. Sara Donchey reports.

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