Shakira reportedly blames Pique for being harassed by paparazzi, stalkers invading and vandalizing his home due to unnecessary media attention

Shakira and Gerard Pique’s split was one of the most shocking events of the year. Besides the pretty incredible fact that Pique cheated on this woman who is nothing less than a goddess, with a random 22-year-old blonde, a series of shocking updates keep being added to the whole show.

Even after being cheated on by her spouse, Shakira’s miseries never ended as she faced regular harassment due to stalkers who bothered her, sent letters to her home and painted graffiti on her face. wall. The continuous train of paparazzi was also not a welcome change. The singer’s whole world has turned upside down and she recently claimed that she and her children have faced unfair media exposure and harassment solely because of Gerard Pique.

Shakira blames Pique for his current struggles

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Child custody battle in court

Gerard Pique and Shakira with their children
Pique and Shakira fight for their children’s home

The ex-couple are currently engaged in a legal battle for custody of their children. The main concern is where their children would reside. Shakira wants them to move with her to Florida while Pique insists they continue to stay in Barcelona to pursue their studies smoothly.

Informal reported that Shakira’s legal team has come up with a strategy through which they should assert that, “the media pressure that the children and herself have been undergoing since the separation was made public and it was known that the footballer had other ideas”.

Following this advice, Shakira will sincerely point out how the separation is entirely Pique’s fault and because of him, their children have lost their quality of life due to media interference in their daily activities.

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Miami would be “the perfect city” for Shakira and her children

Shakira wants to live a quiet life with her children in Miami

Moreover, according to Informal, it has been claimed that because Pique was always in the media spotlight due to his outings, trips and parties, his children were also affected “who cannot move freely in Barcelona”.

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Shakira stressed that Miami will be the place where she and her children can lead the quiet life they desire, without too much pressure from the media. Sources said Informal:

“It’s the perfect city to go unnoticed and away from the press. His children could lead a quieter life there. Besides, they have good friends there. And that’s what he wants, that this separation does not harm his children.

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Source: Informal

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