Scottish creative industries will benefit from boosted digital skills

A new training program has been launched to teach digital skills to professionals in Scottish creative industries.

The next level! Ironworks Venue’s project will cover topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, and metasphere. The areas will be covered by global specialists from leading universities, consultancies and technology companies.

Delivered over four weeks, the digital skills course is open to all of the Scottish Government’s definition of creative industries.

This concerns all sectors, including visual and performing arts, cultural education, crafts, textiles, fashion, photography, music, writing and publishing, advertising, libraries, archives, antiquities, architecture, design, film and video, television and radio, software and electronic publishing, and computer games.

The program is open to individual practitioners, freelancers, and representatives of SMEs, large corporations, community groups, and organizations. Open to applicants based across Scotland, The Next LevelUp! will allow participants to change their way of thinking and explore how digital and agile approaches can transform their creative business and ensure that it is “fit for the future”.

Alex Smith, Head of Project Management for LevelUp and Ironworks, said: “By being exposed to examples and being challenged by those at the forefront of the digital model, not only will attendees make their more elegant, efficient and flexible operations, but they will also develop the thought processes, mental models and skills relevant to the next level of digital opportunity.

Coming after the successful delivery of the first LevelUp! program earlier this year, The Next LevelUp! is supported by the Creative Digital Initiative (CDI).

The CDI program has been developed through a partnership between Scottish Enterprise Agencies (Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise, South of Scotland Enterprise, Business Gateway), Skills Development Scotland, Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government.


Transformational free training program explores next-level digital strategy through a bespoke program of training, mentorship, masterclasses and unique insights from a range of leading international professionals from across the arena digital.

The course is tailor-made to develop a broader understanding of the most challenging areas of the digital landscape and enable participants to gain a practical understanding of the opportunities this presents for their business or practice.

Starting Monday, June 20, classes will require a commitment of four hours per week and will be delivered in two weekly sessions. The program is produced as a highly immersive, fully online experience to allow maximum flexibility around participants’ existing commitments.

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