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A summer in Santa Fe hardly seems typical without its markets, music, and multiple gatherings of family and friends. That’s why the summer of 2020 is to be put away – the pandemic has shut down the city, for the most part.

Not 2021. This summer, even as the nation continues to navigate vaccinations, face masks or no masks, and social distancing, Santa Fe is back.

And here to guide people through every adventure, market or other fun time of glorious summer is Bienvenidos. The ever-awaited summer guide is an annual publication of The New Mexican, last summer being an exception.

The 2021 edition – in your Sunday newspaper this weekend – celebrates our beautiful land in words and photos.

Deborah Villa, the magazine’s creative director, takes particular pride in the quality of the writing, with notables such as William deBuys, Dan Flores, Lucy Lippard, Stanley Crawford, Ashley Biggers, Patti LaSalle-Hopkins, Zélie Pollon and many other colloquial names describing our particular slice of paradise. The magazine offers a sophisticated look at our diverse region.

Renowned author deBuys delves deep into the Pecos wilderness, comparing the rapidly changing mountains in the early 1900s to an area facing climate change today, as seen through the perspective of naturalist Vernon Bailey. He writes that Bailey “would see that the first decades of the 21st century produced changes similar to those he observed in 1903.” Eventually, deBuys writes, Bailey, who died in 1942, might conclude that “the turmoil of his own days in the southwest, after a long absence, is making a comeback.”

With articles that delve into the history of this place, the value of Bienvenidos lasts more than a day or a weekend. Its features provide incentives for adventure all summer long, from outdoor yoga and hiking, rafting and paddleboarding – even learning to identify foods and plants while walking the countryside. Throughout the magazine there are guides on what to do and when. You won’t miss any event.

So much has changed because of the pandemic, especially given the impact the shutdown has on local businesses and restaurants, so there’s an update on restaurants, one of Santa’s top attractions. Fe. Other articles focus on what’s going on in museums, the performing arts, galleries and our tribal communities, including an interview with new Home Secretary Deb Haaland, a citizen of the tribe of Laguna Pueblo and former US representative from New Mexico. It’s not the typical holiday guide flicker, but a serious piece of stewardship of public lands – and these lands are one of the main reasons people visit here.

Along with the stories, of course, are vivid photographs of the people and places that draw not only visitors, but residents of northern New Mexico to stroll through the long, sunny days of summer. Many visitors and regular readers will recognize the photographers – Kitty Leaken, Gene Peach, Don J. Usner, as well as the newspaper’s Luis Sánchez Saturno and Gabriela Campos.

The first summer after these difficult 12 months, full of loss and tragedy, is to be savored. Whether you live here full time or are here on vacation, Bienvenidos can help you take advantage of all that Santa Fe has to offer.

Sunday, start planning to seize summer, with Bienvenidos in hand to make all those dreams of sun and summer come true. Welcome everyone and enjoy the 2021 edition of the best guide to activities in northern New Mexico. Santa Fe is back.

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