Red Bull Illume 2021 Photo Contest Results

The sixth edition of the competition, Image Quest 2021, once again brings together the phenomenal work of photographers and content creators from around the world. It is a unique showcase for artists who go to great lengths to tell the stories of adventure athletes and action sports. It also gives the rest of us the opportunity to experience and be inspired by their breathtaking images.

Over the years, the Red Bull Illume exhibit has launched the careers of many photographers, and attendees and fans have been eagerly awaiting unveiling week since this year’s competition opened globally on 1st of March.

Since then, a jury of 53 renowned editors and photo experts has reviewed a total of 41,447 submissions, gradually narrowing the field. Today, 56 finalists are anxiously awaiting to see if they will win any of the 11 categories – or reach the pinnacle by being named the winner of the Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021.

The standard of action sports photography surprised us once again

Ulrich Grill, founder of Red Bull Illume

For the first time, fans around the world can experience the winning moments simultaneously with the creators themselves. As of November 29, a full house Unveiling week program announce each day the winners of the new categories on Instagram Live and, until the best overall winner is declared on December 4.
The shows will be joined by special guests from the world of action sports and photography, including the snowboard world champion Anna gasser, adventure legend Will Gadd, entrepreneur and former freestyle skier Jon Olsson and photographer Chris Burkard, who won the overall ranking in 2010. “Red Bull Illume put my work on the map,” says the Californian.

Burkard’s winning photo of Peter Mendia riding the waves off the west coast of Chile

© Chris Burkard / Red Bull Illume

The highlight of Unveiling Week will be the announcement of the big winner at Aspen Snowmass, USA on Saturday, December 4, when the first stop of the Red Bull Illume Exhibit Tour opens. The tour will then hit the road, displaying the best images in large format on light boxes for audiences to experience all over the world.

“The standard of action sports photography has once again surprised us with its quality and originality, and in many cases it has been a tough call for the global jury,” says Ulrich Grill, founder of Red Bull Illume. “We can’t wait to reveal the winning shots. “

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