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Tell us about you. I am a fashion, portrait and lifestyle photographer in Delhi NCR, India. I have my own fully equipped professional studio of 1200 sq ft in a prime location in Jaypee Wishtown, Sector 128, Noida.

How did your journey start?
My hobby was photography. My father gave me a camera, it was Sony’s cyber-shot and the natural environment helped me. I think I ended up in fashion because I enjoy all aspects of it, from clothes to modeling and makeup. I started to pursue photography more seriously. I traveled to Ahmedabad to study photography with Varun Patel. I am a commercial fashion photographer. Then I started a small business. The positive response from customers inspired me.

Why did you choose fashion photography in particular?
I loved the idea of ​​creating a glamorous world, photographing reality never appealed to me, if it did, I would have become a photojournalist. With clothes, makeup and models, accessories you can create amazing stories and visuals.

Where do you see yourself after the next 20 years?
I saw myself doing things that I loved, things that I had in my heart and things that I was passionate about. I saw myself making decisions I believed in, regardless of their outcome, and I have no regrets.

What do you find most stimulating and interesting in fashion photography?
The hard part is that there are so many endless possibilities to create a narrative at any given shoot. It’s hard to avoid getting stuck in a rut and come up with the best attractive option possible. So it’s a constant push, but it’s also a lot of fun. I also take my job seriously, so if a particular image doesn’t work, it bothers me for days, but working with people who have great ideas is a great feeling.

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