Pest Control: The Paparazzi – Temisola Morgan, TGS

Paparazzi. Synonym of invasive. Badger. Indiscreet.

The definition is a freelance photographer suing celebrities to get pictures of them. The definition itself perpetuates this stereotype.

Now, the question has already been asked, ‘Are the paparazzi just doing their job or are they overriding?’ and my answer is why is it a job at all? Why is work so overwhelming that this question can be asked? Why do we allow our plot of these stars to allow us to take away their right to privacy. Aren’t interviews and talk shows enough?

Their work leads them to get involved and expose the private lives of celebrities. These celebrities who ran and fled their flashes yet the paparazzi still have this job.

What is the point?

They must not take over the privacy of many. If all they do is make these celebrities happy, why should they keep doing it? Now you can say that as a celebrity you should deal with it because that’s what happens when you get famous but that’s not fair because for the most part their fame comes from the pursuit of the career they aspire to. Being an actor is their dream. Not finding pictures of themselves when they thought they were alone online. Being a singer is their dream. Not having a private moment with someone and realizing it was now a shared moment with the world.

The effect of the privacy breach that the world has become accustomed to is not only negative on celebrities, but rather on the brains of obsessed fans who feel they have a right to the star’s privacy. that they adore. It warps the minds of many as they feel like no line has been crossed when sharing and appreciating these intrusive photos of their idols.

These stars have been put on a pedestal and it dehumanizes them. It makes people feel good about recording and photographing them without their permission. No one should be followed home, no one should walk around on a nice day and be criticized for their outfit choice or their body later in the celebrity news and it’s just that the paparazzi are an inconvenience. Things can really escalate into stalker behavior and lead to serious accidents, the most famous being the paparazzi’s role in Princess Diana’s death.

My solution is that the cameras should be where the cameras are supposed to be. On the red carpet and at events. There should be a regulated structure to which paparazzi are assigned to an event and their presence is requested. I think those jobs can be spread into better jobs and I think a lot of good could come from regulating paparazzi and reducing their numbers. However, this is just wishful thinking as it is highly unlikely to happen as long as there is demand for these stories. But I think that the laws should be reviewed in terms of everyone’s right to privacy, which would then impose limits to be respected.

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