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Kids dream a lot about their career goals, but a senior from North Laurel High School is already seeing his dream come true.

Logan Paugh’s career started when his mother gave him a Canon camera several years ago – a camera he still uses today.

As a student at the school district’s Center for Innovation, Paugh made videos in a media class that caught the attention of one of his classmates.

“I posted videos to CFI, just before COVID, he said. “A friend of mine was the manager of the women’s basketball team and he asked me to do some pictures. Once we got through COVID, I created hype videos to energize next season.”

This led to Paugh taking pictures of the boys’ basketball team, and by the end of the season he pursued his passion for photography by doing portraits.

“A girl at school did portraits with me and last summer I started to build the business,” he said. “I had really never done portraits before, but people loved them.”

Portraits of a girl posed in the window of an old truck caught the attention of many, widening demand for Paugh among friends and family. His wide range of photography can be found on the Paugh – Logan Paugh Creative website, where he continues to develop his photography skills.

When school sports geared up this school year, Paugh pursued his passion with sports in high school and then his sports photography then spread to the college level.

“Some of the college football players (from the North) invited me to come and take pictures of their games and everyone loved the pictures,” he said. “Some of the football players were playing basketball, so they wanted me to come and take pictures of their games.”

He continued to photograph sports in high school, although he said his greatest drawing was at the college level. But his job involves more than just taking photos of athletes – Paugh uses his talent to build relationships with players as well.

“College is my audience,” he said. “It’s where you make lifelong friends. You can be a role model for them.”

In fact, he had some players act as representatives of the college, where he does photo shoots with them and continues to follow their physical and athletic progress by making these photos every year. Paugh has expanded his sports photography beyond the North Laurel District, now also shooting South Laurel Middle School sports.

And as his photography took him from high school to college, that pattern repeated the cycle, with Paugh now attending grade school games and snapping photos of the county’s youngest athletes.

“Some of the college players had younger brothers who played in elementary school and they wanted me to take pictures of them,” he explained. “I do a lot of photography at Bush Elementary.”

He also added football and softball games to his list of sports photography, ensuring that the group of younger athletes received some recognition.

“I can see the talent and I want to get their names out there,” he said.

But Paugh doesn’t limit his photography just to sports.

“I’ve been shooting for the North Middle 8th grade Snowball dance and getting ready for the senior photos,” he said. “I post a lot of photos on Instagram and Facebook.”

He continues to pursue his dream and is now taking another media course at CFI as well as a business course to learn how to run his business. Paugh is also taking the choir at the NLHS and is looking forward to growing his business. But because of the strong relationship he’s built with the college band, Paugh plans to stay local and go to college.

“I’m going to go to Somerset Community College and continue to follow the kids I met in college,” he said. “I’ve built a relationship with them and I think it would be difficult for them if I left and went to college somewhere else. And my business is growing, so I’m going to stay here.”

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