Paris Hilton explains how she hides from the paparazzi

Sometimes celebrities need a break from all the cameras, and Paris In Love star Paris Hilton has an interesting way of hiding from the paparazzi.

Paris Hilton has always loved being famous, but sometimes the Paris in love star needs a break from all the paparazzi following her. Paris has no problem putting her personal life out there; the star has had a total of five reality TV shows, including The Simple Life, Paris Hilton’s new best friend, and its current series, Paris in love. The cameras followed Paris to the Midwest, where she ditched her luxurious lifestyle alongside her best friend Nicole Richie, until her wedding day. She even launched her own YouTube mini-series called My Dream Honeymoon, where cameras followed her and husband Carter Reum on their honeymoon world tour.


However, sometimes Paris needs a little time to not be spotted in public. The star has admitted in the past that she sometimes goes out in public wearing a wig to conceal her identity, and she’s not alone. Many celebrities have successfully and unsuccessfully concealed their identities when out in public. The Kardashians once hopped on a Hollywood tour bus dressed as older women, complete with wigs and prosthetic noses. While Justin Bieber was seen in a not-so-subtle goatee and a messy wig that may have just brought more attention to himself. Although perhaps the weirdest was when Taylor Swift allegedly hid in a suitcase carried to her car by two bodyguards, most celebrities didn’t try.

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Paris hasn’t admitted to trying this method, but she has a sneaky way of avoiding the paparazzi. During a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, the talk show host and Paris played a game called “Paris Blanking Hilton,” in which Ellen read a few quick sentences to the star, and Paris had to fill in the blank with her answer. In one of the sentences, the heiress had to reveal her best trick to avoid the paparazzi. “Sometimes I send my friend with a blonde wig, big sunglasses, and like a tracksuit,“Paris explained.”And they were running in the car, and then I was coming out the back with a brown wig.

Ellen continued the conversation about wigs by asking Paris how many she had and the star admitted she had hundreds. Paris explained that she usually doesn’t wear anything too eye-catching, like a pink wig, but sticks to more natural colors like red or black. According to the host, singer Dolly Parton gives names to her wigs, and although she admits “it’s cute,“Paris doesn’t share the habit of naming Dolly’s wigs. The star just laughed before admitting to being a fan of the country singer, saying, “I love it.

Hopefully no paparazzi were watching the episode when Paris spilled her secret. If not, she may have to find a new trick if she wants to stay hidden. While she seems quite averse to joining Dolly Parton in naming her wigs, the Paris in love The star may have to take a page from Taylor Swift’s celebrity handbook and hide in a suitcase. The paparazzi would surely never catch him in there.

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Source: The Ellen Degeneres Show / YouTube

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