Paparazzi of famous children: 7 horror stories.

When a celebrity enters the zeitgeist, two things often happen: their celebrity status increases, as does paparazzi interest.

For many of these celebrities, they accept that with fame comes a level of openness in the public arena.

But when it comes to their kids, that’s a hard no. Because, as many famous parents have pointed out, their children didn’t sign up for this life.

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In recent years, celebrities like Blake Lively, Kristen Bell and Halle Berry have taken a stand against the paparazzi industry.

Here’s what they have to say.

Hilary Duf.

In 2020, Hilary Duff shared the challenges she faced trying to protect her children’s privacy.

Duff opened up about a confrontation with a paparazzo, which took place at her young son Luca’s football game.

“You know, I have days where I’m sick of it and days where I can ignore it,” Duff said on The speech.

As for what led her to confront the photographer, Duff said that at first the paparazzi stood “closer than any of the parents sat” to the children. Once other parents started asking who he was, Duff realized what he was doing.

“I feel like since I brought the paparazzi there, it’s my responsibility to say, ‘Hey, leave some space’ or ‘Stand back, you’ve got pictures. Go.’ was not cool with me and it is my opinion that it is wrong. Whatever universe I am in, I will protect my children and other children.

In an Instagram video, Duff recorded her interactions with the paparazzo, asking him to leave her child’s soccer game.

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