Paparazzi accused of assault while taking Natalie Portman in Australia

A paparazzi has been charged with assault after a fight broke out while photographing Natalie Portman in Australia.

Paparazzo Trevor Goddard was attempting to photograph Portman in a Sydney park in July last year when he allegedly assaulted fellow photographer Banjo McLachlan who was also attempting to photograph her. Portman was filming Thor: Love and Thunder alongside Chris Hemsworth at the time.

The case was heard in Downing Center District Court on Monday and Goddard was charged with assault causing actual bodily harm. According The telegraph of the dayhe pleaded not guilty but was found guilty and sentenced to a 12-month parole order by the NSW Local Court in April 2022.

The altercation allegedly started because McLachlan had been at the park waiting for Portman for an hour when Goddard showed up. The court heard that McLachlan asked Goddard “Where’s the respect?”. Goddard then allegedly rushed forward and grabbed McLachlan, and scratched his neck in the process.

Goddard’s defense lawyer, Timothy Kent, claimed he was acting in self-defence and pushed Mr McLachlan back without force. However, prosecutor Scott Jaeger said Goddard could have just walked away and likened the altercation between the paparazzi to “blood sport”.

Kent has since appealed for Goddard’s 12-month parole order and Goddard has claimed he no longer wants to work as a paparazzo but switch to cybersecurity and said all jobs in this field require clearance from police.

In paparazzi-related news, Nicole Kidman testified against a paparazzi in 2007, saying she got “really, really scared” when a photographer chased her car through Sydney.

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The actress was giving evidence in a case between Sydney newspaper The Herald of the Sun and the photographer in question in a libel case where the newspaper described him as the most hated freelance photographer in town and claimed he was determined to “sow chaos” in Kidman’s private life.

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