NORE says you originally wanted to get off the ceiling for “Drink Champs”

Ye’s (or Kanye West’s) recent appearance on NORE and DJ EFN’s Drink champions The podcast brought the show some well-deserved attention all weekend long. The artist has gone viral for his comments on Just Blaze, Big Sean, Drake, Talib Kweli, Jay-Z and Kim Kardashian. While Ye has discussed his businesses, music, and future plans, fans may have missed his planned grand entry. Host NORE shared that he wanted to go from above to a Drink champions to organise.

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Ye imagined a spectacular entrance “Drink Champs” from the ceiling

NORE landed a rarity with Ye’s visit to Drink champions. After the episode aired and Revolt TV’s views aired through the rooftop, the host discussed the show with Fat Joe. The pair took to Instagram Live to recap the event, and NORE revealed Ye’s original vision for his arrival.

“First of all, he tried to design the Drink champions together. It was like $ 90,000. He said to me, ‘This is what I’m going to do,’ ”he said. NORE explained to Ye that they didn’t need a monumental installation. “He wanted to fall from the ceiling. And we were like, ‘Yo, please. We don’t need any of these. We just want you to sit down in a normal place.

Additionally, Ye asked if NORE and his team would fly to Los Angeles for the interview, but he and DJ EFN preferred to stay in Miami. “Our best work comes to our house. He expressed his appreciation for the project developed Drink champions together, but convinced Ye to let them do the show in Florida.

NORE tried to keep Ye’s appearance a secret

Before Drink champions the trailer fell, no one expected Ye to sit with the crew. NORE revealed that the interview took place some time before it aired, but they had to secretly move in with Ye. He told Fat Joe the rapper / producer didn’t have to go out right away, so they hung out around Miami after the interview. It was a feat.

They went to a restaurant and NORE spotted paparazzi. He decided to approach them. “I see the paparazzi, so we have to come down and say, ‘Yo, this is my life. If you all take pictures of this guy with me and the people who know he’s on Drink Champs, it’s fucked up. ‘ So the paparazzi flew four blocks away. “

He said they took Ye’s photo, but without him in the frame, thwarting the big reveal. The next day, NORE smuggled him into another restaurant, covering him with jackets.

It was Ye’s request to make ‘Drink Champs’

Adding to the backstory, NORE also disclosed that Ye had called him out of the blue, and they had several hours of conversations over a few days. And then Ye hit him and asked him if he could do Drink champions The next day. Sure!

They rushed to get everything ready, and Ye arrived about an hour earlier than he had said, which worked perfectly. A long time Drink champions viewers know this episode is one of those that will become a classic in hip-hop culture.

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