Nikon launches NX Field remote shooting system

Nikon announced the NX field, a new remote shooting system designed to help photographers and videographers “at the forefront of news and sports photography”.

This app will allow users to link multiple Nikon and mirrorless DSLR cameras, operate and adjust settings and automatically upload captured images from all linked cameras to an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server .

The app was launched by Nikon Professional Service (NPS) – the organization through which Nikon provides support and services to professional photographers around the world – and is currently compatible with Nikon D6 and Nikon D5 digital SLR cameras. Support for the mirrorless Nikon Z9, Z7 II, and Z6 II is slated for a future update, for which the company has not provided an estimated timeline.

Cameras can be connected via a wired or wireless LAN and each system can be controlled through the NX Field app individually or simultaneously depending on the photographer’s needs and the current setup.

“The advantage of Nikon NX Field software is that by connecting multiple cameras, one ‘master camera’ can be used to control the others simultaneously. This means that when the ‘Master Camera’ shutter button is pressed, all connected cameras will capture the exposure, ”says Nikon.

With the ability to automatically connect to remote FTP servers, news and sports photographers can ensure images are delivered immediately for any required and important coverage.

Nikon says the NX Field app supports shooting remotely with 5G (access point) or directly connected via the Internet. This means that users won’t have to stay put to control the cameras, as they can be controlled remotely from any location with a stable internet or data connection.

The NX Field app should be available for Download here on June 17, 2021. As a reminder, Nikon also stated that in order to use NX Field, photographers must also download dedicated firmware for each compatible camera.

The complete user manual is available for Download now for any photographer who wants to get started in the app and browse the many options available.

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