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Cal Poly Humboldt student media teams from bilingual monthly El Leñador, Osprey magazine, and student newspaper The Lumberjack have won multiple state college media awards at the Associated Collegiate Press (ACP) Collegiate Journalism Conference ) this month.

Journalism student Elliott Portillo won Best Photographic Feature for his portrayal of a member of the Marching Lumberjacks.

Cal Poly Humboldt student media teams from bilingual monthly El Leñador, Osprey magazine, and student newspaper The Lumberjack have won 24 state college media awards from the Associated Collegiate Press (PCA) statewide college journalism conference this month.

El Leñador’s media team received the 2022 Best of Show People’s Choice Award for Newspapers at the PCAat the recent Long Beach conference.

El Leñador also placed first in the California College Media Association competitions for Best Illustration (Raven Marshall), Best Arts & Entertainment Story (Karina Ramos Villalobos), and Best Special Issue/Section.

The reporters, designers, editors and photographers of The Lumberjack ranked first in the rankings of the California College Media Association (CCMA) competition for Best News Series (Morgan Hancock, Poppy Cartledge, Ruby Guillette), Best Column (Patrick Maravelias), Best Photographic Feature (Elliott Portillo) and Best Editorial Cartoon (Sam Papavasiliou).

Osprey magazine placed second in the Osprey Best Magazine Story (Elizabeth Lachman, Environmental Studies major) and Best Magazine Inside Page/Special Design (Sam Salek, Geography major) contests.

Karina Ramos Villalobos, co-editor of El Leñador, was one of five students who attended the conference and won awards for Cal Poly Humboldt. Villalobos says working as a Humboldt media leader has opened doors for him.

“El Leñador shaped me to be the student journalist I want to continue to become for my community,” says Villalobos. “Receive a total of nine rewards in CCMA‘s in Long Beach last weekend filled my soul with energy and power. My purpose as a journalist will forever be to serve my community and continue to develop the stories of people of color and other marginalized groups.

Elliott Portillo, photo editor for The Lumberjack, received several awards, including first place for his background photo of the Marching Lumberjacks.

“The Lumberjack was central to my experience as a college student, Portillo says. “It allowed me to explore ideas, concepts and skills that I had never thought of. It also gave me a platform to produce professional-level content about things that mattered to me and my class mates. “

For Portillo, student media work has been a highlight of his college experience.

“I won’t forget the late night sessions to work on schedule, making sure all the details are ready for publication, and I certainly won’t forget the relief and excitement of seeing our hard work represented on paper the next day,” says Portillo. “These things, along with the support and camaraderie of my peers and advisors, made this one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career.”

Journalism transfer student Abraham Navarro, a former San Antonio College Media editor, traveled to Long Beach to speak at a conference forum. Navarro placed third in the Best Photo contest for his work on Osprey magazine. Navarro says school media work prepares students for a professional career in media by giving them a safe place to practice the craft while gaining real publishing experience.

“With a student newspaper, magazine, or website, we’re able to work as a team to create award-winning content,” says Navarro.
“[Media work] helps me nurture my inquisitive nature and ask questions important to me and the community around me,” says Navarro. He also appreciates the collaboration of student media work.

“The networking we get from being involved with our professors and peers has serious benefits, and it all helps foster competent and responsible journalism,” says Navarro.

Victoria Sama, chair of Cal Poly Humboldt’s journalism and mass communication department, said the awards were an honor the students deserve for their hard work during a difficult pandemic year.

“These awards are a testament to our students’ dedication to serving the public good, informing the community of important news and events, and giving context and meaning to their stories,” says Sama. “Congratulations also to our professors who advise our journalism publishing staff and guide students through difficult times by doing an excellent job.”

Associated Collegiate Press 2022
Best Show Award
People’s Choice: Newspaper
The Lenador

Associated Collegiate Press 2022
Third Place Overall Excellence
El Lenador

2022 California College Media Association Awards
Cal Poly Humboldt student media winners were awarded in categories with four-year colleges or universities with enrollments of less than 15,000 students.
First place:

El Leñador Best Illustration
Raven Marshall

El Leñador Best Art and Entertainment Story
Karina Ramos Villalobos

El Leñador Best Special Issue / Section
El Lenador Staff

Lumberjack Best News Series
Morgan Hancock, Poppy Cartledge, Ruby Guillette

Best Lumberjack Column
Patrick Maravelias

Best Lumberjack Photography
Elliott Portillo

Best Lumberjack Editorial Cartoon
Sam Papavasiliou

Second places

Osprey Best Magazine Story
Elizabeth Lachman

Osprey Best Magazine Inside Page/Special Design
Sam Salek

El Leñador Best News Photo
Lupita Rivera

Photography of the best features of El Leñador
Ricardo Lara Nava

El Leñador Best Infographic
Sergio Berrueta, Nancy Garcia, Lupita Rivera, Alexandra González

Lumberjack Best Stock Portfolio
Morgan Hancock

Lumberjack Best Sports Photography
Elliott Portillo

Lumberjack Best Photo Illustration
Elliott Portillo

Lumberjack best interactive chart
Josh Kelly

Lumberjack best log inside page
Elliott Portillo

Lumberjack best newspaper front page design
Morgan Hancock, Elliott Portillo

Third places

Osprey Best Magazine Photo
Abraham Navaro

El Leñador Best Feature Film
Ricardo Lara Nava

Lumberjack best photo series
Morgan Hancock

Lumberjack best infographic
Lindsey Graul, Leila Amrani

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