“My English sense of humor gets me in trouble with my German friends”

Everything is tidy, neatly folded and color coordinated, organized with the precision and care of a museum curator. “I’m a Virgo, and I’m also German,” she laughs. That said, there’s nothing precious about her way of talking about fashion, more of an infectious, almost feminine joy. She’s even relaxed about her 17-year-old daughter, Clementine, “notching” her Chanel dresses: “She’s wearing my old things mixed in with new brands. Clemmie always says that for her, it’s like going to the most expensive place for free. fabulous vintage shop; I love the nostalgia I feel when I see her wearing something.’

But it’s not just those red carpet pieces that Schiffer treasures. A significant section is dedicated to denim only – shirts, bags and loads of jeans. They are, after all, a denim brand that launched their career in 1989, when they shot a Guess Jeans campaign with fellow German Ellen von Unwerth, and denim is what we’re talking about today. Next week will see the release of her second collaboration with Frame, a micro collection of six trophy sweaters and two styles of jeans.

“I feel very ‘me’ and comfortable in denim – jeans with a great sweater is my winter uniform,” says Schiffer, a fan of the brand since its launch in 2012. The first collaboration is born after a chance encounter with Frame co-founder Erik Torstensson while vacationing in Thailand a few years ago. ‘We bumped into him and his partner Natalie [Massenet, founder of Net-a-Porter]whom we already knew and who got along so well.

Together, they created two limited-edition denim styles to benefit Unicef, which Schiffer has been an ambassador for since 1997. This new collection began with a conversation about her love of knitting: the Fair Isle, she says, is “the heroic piece – it works with everything from corduroys to silk midi skirts”, while the chunky, cropped twisted turtleneck “borrowed its DNA from a vintage sweater I’ve worn for years”.

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