Mr. Doodle is on a mission to cover the world with doodles

This expansive quality has been a key facet of Cox’s popularity. Although he often works with traditional canvases and prints, Cox is perhaps best known for his large-scale, immersive drawings on everything from walls and clothing to cars, appliances, pianos, and more. The meditative nature of Cox’s process is as much a part of the appeal of his work as the end product – the artist often creates his compositions for a live audience. Time-lapse videos of Cox at work wearing scribbled costumes of his own design have received hundreds of thousands of views on his Instagram page.

It’s not hard to see why: there is something zen about watching the artist doodle, a kind of pleasing visual ASMR that just saw a line become many, continue on its way until it suddenly a mass of blocky faces and sparkling smiles. And it is not only the scrollers of social networks who have reacted positively to this work. In 2020, Cox was the fifth most expensive artist under 40 in the aftermarket, with his work of 2019. Spring for just over a million dollars at an auction in Tokyo. So far in 2021, Cox is among the top 10 living artists whose works have most often appeared at auction. Compared to 2020, its auction volume has increased by more than 60%.

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