Meghan Markle’s private interview with the Queen amid marriage breakdown

The Queen had a private chat with Meghan Markle encouraging her to mend the rift with her father Thomas Markle, a royal expert has claimed.

In the soon to be released book The New Royalsexpert Katie Nicholl claims the couple had opened up about Meghan’s relationship with her father after Meghan’s marriage to Prince Harry sparked drama between them.

Thomas was expected to walk Meghan down the aisle at her 2018 wedding, but was then caught staging paparazzi photos days before.

After learning he was colluding with the paparazzi, Thomas pulled out of the wedding due to a heart attack and instead watched the royal nuptials from his bed.

Meghan Markle and the Queen are said to have opened up about her breakup with Thomas Markle. Source: Getty

Addressing the Daily mail after the wedding, Thomas said he and Prince Harry had an impassioned phone call after Harry warned him to avoid the paparazzi.

“Harry told me I should never go to the press. That it would end in tears. He said, ‘They’re going to eat you alive’. He was right,” Thomas said in the 2018 interview.

Thomas said he hung up on Harry during the phone call after the prince allegedly told Thomas he should have listened to him.


According The New Royalsthe queen was unhappy with the way the whole situation had been handled.

“The Queen could see how damaging the situation was between Meghan and her father and she spoke to Meghan about it and tried to encourage her to speak to Thomas,” Katie wrote in the book.

She added that a royal source had told her the Queen thought ‘it was all pretty badly handled with Thomas Markle and if it had been done differently it would have gone better’.

Thomas Markle speaks to Good Morning Britain.

Thomas Markle reportedly staged paparazzi photos ahead of Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Source: Hello Britain

Prince Harry had also never met Thomas in person, which Katie claims the Queen thought was a mistake.

“I think she thought Harry definitely should have met Thomas Markle and it’s a shame that had to happen,” Katie wrote.

Queen’s ‘dearest wish’ before her death

Harry and Meghan then stepped down from their royal duties in 2020, two years after they married, sparking a rift between the couple and the royal family.

According to royal author Robert Hardman, the monarch “adored Harry to the end, and Harry adored her”.

Robert spoke to People Friday, and revealed one of the Queen’s ‘dearest wishes’ following her grandson’s move to California.

“I think she was one of the go-betweens between Windsor and California, that would have been one of her dearest wishes that [the family] make it right, he told the publication.

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