Matt Cohen Named Journalist of the Year, IDS Wins Indiana Collegiate Press Association Honors

The Indiana Daily Student has been recognized by the 2022 Indiana Collegiate Press Association (ICPA) and College Media Business & Advertising Managers (CMBAM) awards seasons. Notably, IDS was selected as the Advertising Publication, Newspaper (Division 1), and Online Publication of the Year by the CAPI.

“We have an amazing team of hard-working students,” said Ruth Witmer, IU Student Media Advisor. “It’s wonderful to see them being recognized for the great work they do for readers online and in print.”

Matt Cohen was chosen to be the ICPA Brook Baker Collegiate Journalist of the Year for Distinguished Reporting. The judges noted that:

“Matt Cohen’s remarkable portfolio shows his ability to tackle in-depth topics in a way that invites the reader to…Furthermore, he paid attention to stories that might not have been written – like the one about the many unmarked graves in Bloomington — if not for a young journalist willing to put in a lot of time and get people to open up about their family… In short, Matt’s work is exceptional.

Near Ernie Pyle’s desk in the IDS office inside Franklin Hall, there is a plaque commemorating all of IU’s ICPA Journalists of the Year. Since this honor was established in the late 1990s, most recipients have been UI students.

The awards IDS has received from both associations are as follows:

CAPI Award
The ICPA includes more than 40 publications statewide. Members strive to support the development and passion of college journalists.

Brook Baker Indiana Collegiate Press Association Journalist of the Year
Winner: Matt Cohen

ICPA Advertising Awards

Advertising Publication of the Year
1st place: Indiana Daily Student

Show ad
1st place: Hayley Skryzena || Tattoos and piercings

Self-promotional ad
1st place: Hayley Skryzena || IDS Events – Stay informed

Electronic billboard ad
2nd place: Liv Callahan and Grace Richardson || Do you like B-Town? Buy local! gallery walk
3rd place: Rhianna Ladd || Atwater Eye Care Center

Electronic internal announcement
1st place: Hayley Skryzena || Fall Home Show
2nd place: Erika Armstrong || Virtual Housing Fair

Creative use of advertising text
1st place: Chloie Fisher and Dominique Hance || What is our trick?
3rd place: Chloie Fisher || Fill in the blanks

Ad layout
1st place: Chloie Fisher || Fall Home Show Poster
2nd place: Jennifer Hanling || IDS titles

Use of photography or graphic art
1st place: Jennifer Hanling || IDS titles
3rd place: Chloie Fisher and Dominique Hance || What is our trick?

Design of ads in a special section or supplement
1st place: Erika Armstrong || News for you, by you and about you.
3rd place: Grace Richardson || Fundraising Challenge

Self-promotion campaign
1st place: IDS Staff || Virtual Housing Fair
2nd place: IDS Staff || Fall Home Show

General Press Kit/Marketing Kit
2nd place: Adam Wigington || IDS sales material

CAPI Division 1 Newspaper Awards
newspaper of the year
1st place: Indiana Daily Student

Single problem
1st place: IDS Staff

Thematic issue
3rd place: IDS Staff

Special problem
2nd: IDS Staff

Sliding/wrap-around section
3rd place: IDS Staff

New stories
1st place: Kaitlyn Radde and Carson TerBush || In the dark: Transparency rule doesn’t shed light on costs for IU Health Bloomington patients
3rd place: Phyllis Cha || Counterfeit prescription pills containing fentanyl make non-prescription pills a life or death bet

In-depth history
2nd place: Matt Cohen || Former members of Hope Presbyterian Church in Bloomington allege abuse and cover-up

1st place: Emma Uber || The Scarlet ‘E’: How eviction may forever haunt Monroe County tenants

entertainment story
1st place: Nadia Scharf || IU Ballet tackles caricature in “The Nutcracker”
3rd place: Hannah Dailey || The Bluebird was not operating safely. Then it died out – for a day.

Sports News
3rd place: Evan Gerike || ‘It just didn’t go our way’: IU men’s soccer misses 9th star, falls 1-0 to Marshall

sports report
1st place: Tyler Tachman || Angel Escobedo: The House That Holds Him Together
2nd place: Matt Cohen || ‘It was worth it’: A look at IU football’s historic pandemic season

News or series of reports
2nd place: Lizzie Kaboski || Be Heard: The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the challenges the Deaf community faces daily

Single story continuous cover
1st place: David Wolfe Bender, Phyllis Cha, Kaitlyn Radde and Madison Smalstig || Bloomington’s homeless community
2nd place: IDS Staff || FedEx Shooting

Entertainment column
2nd place: Ellie Albin || An ode to CDs
3rd place: Nick Telman || From Blade to Batwoman, the desire for black-led superhero movies has always been there.

Sports Chronicle
1st place: Luke Christopher Norton || Don’t praise the NCAA for doing the absolute minimum for women’s sports
2nd place: Bradley Hohulin || The cursed tragedy of IU men’s basketball and Archie Miller

1st place: Stefan Townes || It’s Lil Nas X against the world, and he’s winning.
3rd place: Erin Stafford || “An Evening with Silk Sonic” is a time machine in the magical haze of 1970s soul music

Home page design
2nd place: Abby Carmichael || December 2, 2021

Feature page design
2nd place: Abby Carmichael || Are you ready for the tailgate?

Sports page design
1st place: Abby Carmichael and Juno Martin || February 4, 2021
3rd place: Abby Carmichael || January 21, 2021

Front/Cover Special Selection
2nd place: Madelyn Powers || Back-to-school guide 2021

News photography
1st place: Alex Deryn || FedEx Shooting Vigil

Picture Feature
1st place: Ethan Levy || block party

sports photography
2nd place: Ethan Levy || Point Kari Zumach
3rd place: Kamaron Farver || Famous Patberg

Photo report/History in pictures
2nd place: IDS staff || Back to (a)normality
3rd place: Izzy Myszak, Ethan Moore and Ashlyn Johnson || Lotus Festival

Informative graphic
2nd place: Vivek Rao and Carson TerBush || President’s speeches

Editorial Cartoon
1st place: Madelyn Powers || Missing black and brown people are equally important
2nd place: Donya Collins || Indiana paves the way for environmental Armageddon

CAPI Online Awards
Online publication of the year
1st place: Indiana Daily Student

Global website
2nd place: IDS Staff ||

Online news/reportage reporting
1st place: Matt Cohen, Mallorey Daunhauer and Carson TerBush || Unworthiness in death: Unmarked graves in Bloomington point to a long history of racism

3rd place: Kaitlyn Radde || The daily summary

2nd place: IDS Staff || idsnews Instagram

Facebook page
2nd place: IDS Staff || Facebook IDs

Use of Twitter
1st place: IDS Staff || @idsnews

special presentation
2nd place: Phyllis Cha, Hannah Dailey, Izzy Myzsak and Ethan Levy || After the audition
3rd place: Kaitlyn Radde and Carson TerBush || 2020 has been a year of protests. We broke down what it was like in Indiana.

3rd place: Mallorey Daunhauer || An inside look at the Kiwanis Indiana Balloon Fest 2021

Animation or interactive graphic
1st place: Carson TerBush || A brief tour of Rose Hill Cemetery
2nd place: Vivek Rao || Here’s what you need to know about the zoning controversy in Bloomington.

CMBAM is a volunteer group focused on the business components of student media organizations.

Best Print Ad Campaign
Honorable mention

The Better Life (Renter’s) Guide
2nd place

Highest Paid Design Product, Non-Promotional
3rd place

Best Self-Promotional Digital Advertising (Submission 1)
Honorable mention

Best out of home promotion
Honorable mention

Best Self-Promotion Multimedia Ad Campaign
1st place

Best Special Event
Third place

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