Malia and Sasha Obama’s paparazzi encounter spark security concerns

malia obama and Sasha Obama grew up in front of the cameras. Paparazzi bombarded the couple during a recent date at LAX. How could this happen? Shouldn’t the Secret Service have been there to arrest him? As you would expect from a century-old agency, it’s complicated.

Reunion Obama Airport

In the photos taken by TMZ, we know Malia and Sasha Obama just reunited at LAX. Malia was arriving by plane and Sasha was waiting for her. The two held a little reunion dance at the door, and Sasha helped her sister load her luggage. Malia now works as a screenwriter while Sasha would attend USC.

The video is cute and all, but it raises some serious questions about security. The paparazzi were able to get dangerously close to the former first girls. This has left some on Twitter wondering where the Secret Service fits into all of this.

Another hoped the presidential security detail was just hiding out of sight.

Former Presidents Act

It’s time for a little history lesson. The Secret Service was created by Abraham Lincoln in 1865 to help quell the epidemic of counterfeit money. When William McKinley was assassinated in 1901, the organization focused on presidential protection.

Since then, protection has gradually increased. Presidents received lifetime protection beginning in 1965. While Bill Clinton revised it just 10 years after the post office, Barack Obama reinstated the lifetime warranty decades later. As for presidential children, it depends on the president.

The 2012 Protection of Former Presidents Act states that the children of presidents will enjoy protection until the age of 16. Since Malia and Sasha are both in their twenties, this is the logical explanation for the lack of security.

Going forward, the kind of protection a family can expect after the presidency largely depends on the specific president. Donald Trump has assured that his adult children will enjoy Secret Service protection for six months after leaving office.

There are other options

While Barack will always be protected by the Secret Service, his daughters no longer enjoy the same guaranteed protection. Personal security is always an option. Just look at Prince Harry to see this in action. He and Meghan Markle are actually being guarded by one of Obama’s former Secret Service agents. What a small world.

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