Lila Moss gives a boost to the ultra-cropped hem trend with Kate

Tuesday night in London, Lila Moss achieved what some would have thought impossible: she attracted more attention from the cameras than Kate Moss. (The supermodel happens to be the 19-year-old model’s mother.) The couple stepped out to show their support for the elder Moss’ boyfriend, Nikolai von Bismarck, who has just published a fashion photography book. His title, The Fendi set, happens to accurately describe the unofficial dress code for the evening. Let Lila, who has been wearing Kim Jones designs virtually since birth, stand out the most.

With a voluminous blazer, a tight dress, a small bag and high heels, the teenager looked like And just like that…-era Carrie Bradshaw minus a few decades. The last part isn’t a swipe at Carrie (or SJP); we just can’t imagine her joining Lila in rocking a hemline to Dua Lipa’s ultra-cropped levels. Although it provided a few more inches of coverage, Lila’s baggy blazer only accentuated the extent to which she braved the wintry weather with bare legs.

Photo by Neil Mockford/Ricky Vigil M/GC via Getty Images

Photo by Neil Mockford/Ricky Vigil M/GC via Getty Image

With the Spring 2022 Fashion Weeks fast approaching, it seems increasingly likely that Moss will be making an appearance on the catwalks in the weeks to come. As for who will pull off such a casting stunt, we have a hunch. Moss has done just four shows since her runway debut in 2020, all but a Fendi.

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