Let me take a selfie first……….

The selfie craze is a huge phenomenon. Fueled by social media, the influence of celebrity culture and many other factors, selfies have become so popular that billions of them are taken every year across the world. Selfies have become commonplace in public life everywhere, without barriers of gender, class, age, religion, culture, creed, ethnicity or economic status.

Oldies, wrinkles, nannies, grannies, uncles, aunts, children, toddlers, Brahmins, monks, moulvis, priests, politicians, teachers, bosses, all indulge in selfies. Among 18-24 year olds, one in three photos is taken as a selfie. Young people growing up with technology and the Internet at their fingertips could be considered the first “Selfitis Generation”.

For them, taking and sharing selfies is a kind of communication with others, documenting their life, expressing themselves and having fun. It can also mean creating an image for themselves – when you take the photo yourself, you can present yourself in the best light – causing them to overemphasize their looks and feel pressured to get a lot of “like” on the photos they share.

Selfie accessories, such as selfie sticks, have meanwhile become bestsellers, and phone makers have adapted their products for selfie enjoyment.

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