Last night in Soho: Edgar Wright chooses 25 inspirational films

Explore the vision behind “Last Night in Soho” by joining Edgar Wright on this retrospective tour through 1960s British cinema.

"Last night in Soho" and the British films that inspired him.

“Last Night in Soho” and the British films that inspired it.

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Edgar Wright’s psychological thriller “Last Night in Soho” has finally arrived in American theaters. The film, starring Thomasin McKenzie and Anya-Taylor Joy, premiered at the Venice Film Festival with rave reviews from IndieWire, who named it Official Critics’ Choice. “The film marks a refreshing change for the director and co-writer of ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘Baby Driver’. His hyperactive editing and insistent post-modernism remain behind him; in its place, fluid movement and intense emotion. It’s not just different from his previous films; it’s different from everyone’s previous movies.

Like all of Wright’s films, “Last Night in Soho” has a thrilling cinematic history running through its veins. The director is an extraordinary cinephile, and he turned to several of his favorite British films from the 1960s for inspiration. With “Soho” hitting theaters now, we asked Wright to reveal some of the cinematic influences behind his latest vision. Wright came back to us with a list of 25 films that constitute an impromptu retrospective tour through 1960s British cinema.

Each of the following paragraphs below is written by Wright himself. But first, allow the filmmaker to present his “Soho” inspirational list to you. Here’s what Wright has to say about the list:

These are 25 films from the 1960s that either inspired the idea of ​​”Last Night in Soho” somewhat or that I watched during the development and writing of the film. They cover dramas, horrors, psychological thrillers and a few documentaries (faked or not) that I watched or re-examined to immerse myself in the time. Believe it or not, this is still an incomplete list, as I’ve watched a lot, a lot more, but these 25 movies include some that I’ve shared with the cast and crew, if they needed to. further inspiration beyond the script in terms of color, costume and hair, performance style, or just the glorious photography of the London time capsule as it was at the time.

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