Kanye West has stepped in to protect North from photographer, and fans are heartbroken but are there for it

Celebrity life can be glamorous, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Along with all the advantages come disadvantages, including the constant onslaught of photographers. Of course, stars as famous as Kanye West and the Kardashians know this. It’s stressful enough for adult stars to endure people taking pictures all the time, so imagine when the script involves celebrity kids.

Recently, Kanye West stepped in to protect North, his daughter with Kim Kardashian West, from a photographer. And while fans are heartbroken by the situation, they’re here to find out how Kanye handled it.

Kanye West and his daughter North West in March 2020 | Arnold Jerocki / GC Images

Kanye West is one of Hollywood’s most famous people, so it makes sense to assume he’s used to attention. Yet, many celebrities have expressed their concerns about photographers who follow them everywhere and often invade their privacy.

So what has West said in the past about swarms of photographers watching his every move?

According to Inquisitr, he usually shows them his not-so-nice side and has even punched a photographer once or twice.

Although West described the paparazzi as “intrusive” and even raised his voice against them, an occasion unfolded differently.

He and his then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian were enjoying a trip to Paris when photographers were constantly taking pictures.

Instead of getting angry, West noted, “I like the way you move here. You respect yourself totally, respect the people you photograph.

He thanked them for not being as aggressive as the paparazzi in California and added, “I understand you have to make a living. So i appreciate [the respectfulness]. “

But on another occasion, West had to stop a photographer, who got too close to North.

He stepped in to protect North from a photographer, and fans approve

In some ways, celebrities are like us, especially when it comes to their children. Fans recently took to social media to discuss what happened when West protected his eldest daughter, North, from a photographer.

A video posted to YouTube shows West and her daughter at one of West’s Sunday Services. As North plays with another girl on a grassy hill, a paparazzo quickly approaches.

West immediately jumps to stop the photographer as the man crouches down to take the picture of North.

Reddit users responded with comments like “Ew. Why would this guy get even so close ?? Yuck “and” Oh, that breaks my heart. It was all so innocent. North was dancing with his friend. Leave her alone.

Reviewers agreed West did the right thing and loved how quickly he intervened.

Are the children of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West often photographed?

Due to the notoriety of their parents, the children of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are used to being in the spotlight. So now that they are getting older, are photographers following them more? According to Bustle, yes.

While Kanye West didn’t like how close the paparazzi got to the north during this Sunday service, many photographers are taking the children’s photos from a distance.

Although North seems to be used to the attention, she has occasionally shut down photographers, proving that having a camera pointed at her is a regular occurrence.

Kanye West isn’t the only celebrity who has protected his children from the paparazzi, and most stars agree they would do anything to protect their children.

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