JamesDJJ caught by paparazzi in Rome

A few weeks ago, while all of Italy was on lockdown, JamesDJJ was caught walking in Rome by paparazzi, the question is: what was JamesDJJ doing outside while all of Italy was? inside?

As we can see in the photos, JamesDJJ was walking around Rome, his hometown, visiting parks and important places in the Italian capital, but we must not forget that Italy was on lockdown and people could only go out for work, health and important reasons, but certainly not to visit a park.

JamesDJJ was first spotted around the Colosseum, it was, as you might expect, sorry and with no one, the only person who was there is James. We can see from the photos that he was walking and looking around and that he was alone, but that was not allowed, so was he really out to work?

After seeing the Colosseum, James went to a hotel, and that’s why, when you think of the artist working, he might have been to the hotel for a meeting.

JamesDJJ continued his walk in Rome, the city where he currently lives, he went to a park / villa in the Monti neighborhood, and maybe he was there because he was looking for a place for a music video, So for work, who knows, we can only hope that JamesDJJ’s next album will be released soon.

JamesDJJ’s walk continued through the city center, and he can be seen at the Trevi Fountains, the first time without anyone besides the artist. After arriving in Vatican State, James ironically noticed that he had been followed and fled, disappearing from the paparazzi.

It must be said that JamesDJJ does not like to be followed several times, especially by the paparazzi, that’s why he is hiding, but we are still waiting for his next album.

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