Is expensive camera gear really not that important?

Fashion photographer Peter Coulson is back with another video showing us his process of seeing light. This time, he takes an even more minimal approach than his previous videos to prove that expensive equipment isn’t always necessary to produce quality photos.

In this insightful video, Australian photographer Peter Coulson tackles comments on his previous videos, arguing that he always shot with equipment that gave him an advantage and always had the advantage of using his studio .

This time it’s taking a rather simple approach, with a kit that can be had for around $600 in total, a Sony a6000 body and a 7Artisans 50mm f/0.95 lens. Instead of using his studio, he shoots outdoors in what many photographers don’t consider ideal circumstances. The sun is high in the sky, and it’s wandering around the suburbs. He turns by the side of the road, past shuttered shops, and into what looks like a sports field.

Peter focuses on showing us how he uses his environment. He shares how he sees light coming from everyday objects, like a passing car, concrete flooring, and fences. Watching him position the model and himself as he frames his shots is quite educational. He also shares his camera setup so you can follow what he’s up to.

The result is a set of images in Peter’s signature black and white, which can be used in a number of contexts including portraits, model folios and fashion.

I think Peter has settled this discussion. What do you think?

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