Incredibly rare Canon super-telephoto lens sells for over A $ 782,116 at auction, setting new record

Due to the precision required in their manufacture, the more money you are willing to spend on a camera lens, the better the product and the photographic results you will get. For at least one photographer, no amount of money is too much money to spend on high-quality glass, as an extremely rare Canon lens was recently auctioned for well over half a million dollars. .

According to Wetzlar Camera Auctions’ list, when this monstrous EF 1200mm f / 5.6L USM super telephoto lens (meaning it offered no zoom capability) was introduced in 1993, Canon described it as “the world’s largest interchangeable SLR-AF lens, both in terms of focal length and maximum aperture, ”which is why, even in the ’90s, it was selling for $ 122,418.

Aimed at sports photographers and even bird watchers with deep pockets to fund their hobby, the lens combines incredible telephoto capabilities with the ability for photographers to use a relatively fast shutter to freeze the action they want. were capturing from afar. But it was only available by special order as it took Canon over a year to manufacture each lens at an average production rate of around two lenses per year. (You can assume the deposit was quite large.) Canon has never officially shared the number of 1200mm lenses it has produced, but while it is certainly less than 100, many believe that number is in. actually closer to 20 based on the number been spotted in the wild.

In recent decades, very few lenses have gone on sale, although B&H Photography sold one in 2009 for AU $ 163,224 and another in 2015 for AU $ 244,836, double the sale price. initial. Canon has long since ceased production of the lens, and their rarity is almost certainly what sparked a bidding war between two parties for this particular camera which was still in exceptional, almost new condition. The final sale price was € 500,000, or just over AU $ 783,476, which, according to Wetzlar Camera Auctions, is the highest price ever sold for a camera lens at auction.

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