How Lindsay Lohan survived the paparazzi of the 2000s

Today is a national holiday, and I’m not talking about Halloween. It’s the day the iconic Lindsay Lohan made her ~official~ return to the magazinemaking her debut, ahem, Lohan-issance as Cosmosit is latest star cover— and we will all rejoice and rejoice over it! If that doesn’t confirm that the early years are back, nothing else can.

Just like this time, Lindsay has been booked! And! Busy! with much more work on the horizon. One of the biggest changes in his life recently? A new address… in a whole new country, too. Lindsay now lives in Dubai, where paparazzi are illegal. TBH is truly a masterclass in setting boundaries and keeping your peace, and I, for one, am here for it.

“When I started in the business, neither of us had a say in how to control our own narrative. There were paparazzi shots and then people ran with them, Lindsay told Cosmos. “So I think it’s really good that in our time people can say who they are and who they want to be. And I admire and appreciate that. I’m a little jealous because I didn’t have not that.”

But when it comes to the added pressures of today’s social media and trolls, Lindsay maintains a grounded approach: “You have to take everything people say with a grain of salt and be yourself,” a- she declared. “And slow down, because everyone is so fast right now. People don’t stop. You have to relax.”

The best advice she received from her good friend Al Pacino (yep!) probs also helped her navigate this era. “He always says, ‘Focus on your craft when it comes to your job,'” Lindsay recalled, “and I think that’s really important. Don’t let other outside things cloud your vision. “

Lindsay’s New Holiday Romantic Comedy Fall for Christmas hits Netflix on November 10, and the Opportunity, she said, was “the right fit” for her. “When I got the script, seeing a movie that was a rom-com because it’s always fun to work on something lighthearted and family-oriented that makes people happy and offers a bit of escapism,” she said. “And I was excited to kind of come back, to do something with Netflix, which is kind of a big family. He was the right person for me, especially to be able to produce it.

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As the project’s executive producer, Lindsay is able to have a lot of control outside of just starring in the film: “It’s being involved in the projects every step of the way: the whole casting process, the editing and production. And even parts of the script,” she explained, as well as “working on costumes, wardrobe, and character development.”

But even with a super-buzzing three-movie deal with Netflix, Lindsay still aims to do what she did back then, “but ten times better.” She wants to host SNL again, “obviously”, and digging into roles she hasn’t “been able to play yet”. “I haven’t done an action movie. I really want to do something like that,” Lindsay said. “There are other things I can’t say. They’re on my vision board.”

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