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New York Press Association award winners include, front left to right: Jack Forster, Tess Corell and Williams Prevet. In the back are Dominic Gullo, Adrianna Pucci, Mackenzie Abbey, Gracie Wdowiacz and Josephine Tomaszewski. The SPECTATOR received the award for best high school newspaper for the third year in a row. Not pictured, Julia LeBaron and Lauren Marshall.

For the third year in a row, Fredonia High School’s student newspaper, Spectator, has been named the “Best New York State High School Newspaper” by the New York Press Association (NYPA).

“Receiving this award three years in a row means a lot to this school and our community. We have all worked so hard and all of this staff deserve it ”, said associate editor Adrianna Pucci.

Each year, the NYPA selects a high school newspaper and a college newspaper, based on points earned in various categories. The paper with the highest points wins the first prize. The article was awarded 95 points for the year 2020 issues that were submitted for review.

“I’m always surprised and humbled when we get recognition for the newspaper because I know it’s competitive and I don’t take anything for granted. I am also very proud because I know how hard our staff work to create a quality publication and they deserve all the awards they receive ”, said co-advisor Lisa Reinhardt.

The summary of the judgment stated, “The Spectator does a great job of serving its readers, with a creative, topical, local, well-designed and well-written publication. Glory!”

The newspaper’s individual awards included first place for best use of social media, second place for overall excellence, and third place for design.

Lauren Marshall won first place in the Best Sports History category.

The judge’s comment said, “The writer is commended for crafting a very readable and interesting story, notable for its writing and overall construction.”

Julia LeBaron and Gracie Wdowiasz received honorable mention in sport. The document also received special mention to sports staff for several high quality submissions.

Ranking first for their column “Random surveys” were Jack Forster and Williams Prevet.

“It is a real honor that your work is recognized as the best in the entire state. This is a great validation for all the work the staff, Jack and I have put into this post. I’m so glad I joined the newspaper last year, and that’s just the icing on the cake ”, said Prévet.

In the feature film category, Joséphine Tomaszewski took second place.

“This article does the incredibly important job of locating climate change. In describing how global warming will affect her community, Josephine Tomaszewski is doing what journalists around the world struggle to do. She even notes the impact on the production of wine and maple syrup in her region. the judges wrote.

Mackenzie Abbey received second place for photography.

“It makes me feel accomplished and gives me confidence in myself that I have the potential to do good things for the world”, said the abbey.

“It’s great to work with students who are getting statewide recognition for their accomplishments. As advisors, Ms. Reinhardt and I see the efforts and talents of the staff, but it’s always surprising and exciting when the rewards arrive. We never take it for granted ”, said co-advisor Dadie Sedota.

Sedota is the former advisor to The Brocton Review, which has won Best Newspaper in previous years.

“It is important to note that every staff member contributes to these awards. As with a football team, every game counts and while the quarterback or the running back might get a lot of attention, the team couldn’t win without all the players working together ”, Sedota said.

The newspaper staff includes more than 50 students. The issues are published online on the Lycée Fredonia Facebook page and printed in the school printing press. Spectator’s Editorial Board includes Corell, Forster, Prevet, Pucci, Tomaszewski, Dominic Gullo, Oliver McAfee, Rebecca Lash, Joey Gullo, Madison Marsh, Alex Weiss, Allie Cook, Arianna Huber, Angelina May, Francesca Woolson, William Rose, Grayson Osborne -Coy, Emma Munsch, Seth Putnam, Abigail Joy and Raena Beckley.

Corell said,“I’m honored to be on staff as we all come together and work hard to post the best we can. It’s amazing the hard work you see each person putting into every article and / or graphics and images. Each person is important in our staff. It’s like teamwork. I am so proud of what we have accomplished over the past few years. “

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