Hilaria Baldwin Tears Up ‘Scary’ Paparazzi Chases Since ‘Rust’ Filming

  • Hilaria Baldwin called the press for following her family by car in a new Instagram post.
  • After she and her husband Alec Baldwin spoke to reporters over the weekend, Hilaria claimed the paparazzi had not backed down.
  • “We were chased in the car with our children. Several scary moments … it’s dangerous,” she said.

Hilaria Baldwin called the paparazzi for chasing her family in cars and neglecting their privacy after the fatal shooting on the set of her husband Alec Baldwin’s latest film, “Rust”.

In an Instagram post Tuesday to the family’s missing cat, Baldwin thanked those who helped find the lost animal, but declined to name them for fear the paparazzi would find them.

“I won’t mention you because the paparazzi and tabloids call us every time I connect, and I don’t want you to be hassled [sp] also, in their frenzy to make more money, ”she wrote.

Baldwin said paparazzi photographers “were taking my picture, through the trees on the property where we are staying” in Vermont.

Although the couple spoke to reporters over the weekend, Baldwin wrote that the paparazzi had not backed down.

“We were chased in cars – along with our children. Several scary moments… it’s dangerous. Please listen,” she said.

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Alec Baldwin and his family traveled to Vermont after a shooting on set during a rehearsal for “Rust” in New Mexico that killed the film’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, and injured director Joel Souza .

Baldwin was practicing a scene when he fired a Colt revolver that he was told was unloaded, authorities said.

Investigators say the gun was somehow loaded with a live bullet instead of harmless “dummy” bullets. The murderous shooting is still under investigation.

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