Here’s why Emma Watson blames the paparazzi for ruining her 18th birthday

The paparazzi are somewhat of a conundrum in Hollywood. Some celebrities love the attention while others can really do without it. But every time a celebrity warns them, it makes matters worse for celebrities who really want to be left alone.

Either way, they can get really nasty whether you like them or not. More often than not, they overstep their limits, get way too close, and don’t really care when they do; they are so wild. They get the pictures while giving some celebrities and their families serious mental health issues.

Harry Potter’s Emma Watson’s 18th birthday is a perfect example of a time when the paparazzi took things way too far and caught more than they should have. It’s a sensitive story, but one that shouldn’t be forgotten. Any story that deals with someone’s sanity and rights needs to be heard, and any story that exposes the real horrors that some paparazzi inflict on their subjects needs to be told, no matter how gruesome it is. But Watson turns his experiences into the conversations we need to have.

Here’s how the paparazzi ruined Watson’s birthday, and how she turns her story into an example.

Watson used her story in conversations about blatant sexism

Watson knows what it’s like to be misrepresented in the media. Since she was just a little girl, the press has scrutinized, dramatized and distorted every little detail of her life. Remember those rumors that she ‘stormed’ the filming of It is the end? Or the most recent rumors that she has quit acting?

Watson is a smart girl; in fact, she is more than intelligent; Her IQ technically classifies her as gifted, so we’re confident the actress can make the right, informed decisions about her life and the global issues she loves to support, including gender equality.

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She is a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and helped create the UN Women campaign HeForShe, so women’s rights are fundamental to her. Of course you can imagine she got horny when The sun started a shockingly inappropriate countdown to his 18th birthday (UK legal age).

Before the #MeToo movement in 2017, Watson spoke the incident and its consequences, where photographers chased her for taking photos on her skirt, to actor Forest Whitaker during his HeForShe Arts Week in New York City. She said it was just another example of “the pervasiveness of blatant sexism”.

“I remember on my 18th birthday I walked out of my birthday party and photographers lay down on the sidewalk and took pictures on my skirt, which were then posted on the front of the English tabloid [newspapers] the next morning, “she explained.” If they had published the photographs 24 hours earlier, they would have been illegal, but because I had just turned 18, they were legal. “

She also spoke about how she was treated differently from her male Harry Potter co-stars.

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“Obviously Dan [Radcliffe] and Rupert [Grint], who were my male co-stars, don’t wear skirts, but I think this is just one example of how my transition to femininity was treated very differently by the tabloid press than by my male colleagues. She explained.

She has progressive ideas about feminism

Also, in 2016, Watson said Squire that she was often afraid to come home alone and that she was called upon more than occasionally. But through these experiences, she was and still is determined to keep conversations about equality alive.

“People are following me,” she told the magazine. “I don’t talk a lot about these experiences, because coming from me they’ll sound like a big deal, and I don’t want it to be about me, but most of the women I know have experienced it. and worse… it’s Unfortunately, how it is. It’s so much more ubiquitous than we think. It shouldn’t be an acceptable fact of life that women should be afraid of. “

She kept saying that the problem must be dealt with between men and women and that feminism should stop being called a “scary buzzword”.

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“There is no point in me saying, ‘You all have to give up reading this article and decide that you are a feminist.’ The only thing that will make a difference is for men to walk away and tell women about their lives about what they are going through.

“It’s important to note that this isn’t about convincing you that gender equality is worth engaging just because there might be something for you. Or for your sister or your mother. . The question is, what does this mean to humans? “

Watson has also proven that she won’t be a part of any scene where a woman is portrayed in a bad light, and why should she be? If Watson was serious about retiring, we would obviously miss her, but we would also understand and respect her decision and we would be grateful if she wanted to come out and be more helpful in the fight against sexism. We need more voices like his. She really is like a real Hermione Granger. Only she is not fighting for the rights of house elves through SPEW; she fights for all the women of the Earth.

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