Hallet Oak Gallery will host “The Battle for the Soul – Which Side Are You On? “| Local News

As a new member of the South Central Texas Art League, Adrenus Craton will present his exhibition program, “Battle of the Soul – Which Side Are You On?” at Hallet Oak Gallery, 115 N. Main St. in Hallettsville.

The public is invited to view the work, hear the program and meet the artist, as well as other members of the arts league from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday.

The Arts League program, led by League President Tim Sadler, aims to showcase and support art and creativity in Hallettsville and surrounding counties. The league’s mission is to promote art and the appreciation of art in the South Central Texas region.

The art exhibition program is based on the artist’s namesake collection. This particular collection originated in Krakow, Poland, before the death of Pope John Paul II and the successive accession of the newly elected Pope Benedict XVI. These large-scale canvas paintings center on the 14 historical and widely debated concepts derived from the Seven Sins and the Seven Virtues.

The aim of the program is to introduce a whole new artistic expression inspired by the philosophical writings of Plato obtained through newly defined artist techniques which were discovered and developed during his travels. From a young age, Craton has always held on to her dreams that her art, her philanthropy, and the pursuit of an artistic lifestyle would play a role in connecting her more deeply and authentically with others. In turn, she hoped that this would enlighten and raise awareness of our collective, bringing out what we all have in common – our perfections and imperfections.

Craton, who was born and raised in Lavaca County, is the daughter of Elliott Craton and Denice Enoch Craton, a local self-published author. His work has been featured locally, nationally and internationally. One of his first self-organized art exhibitions, at the age of 17, was in Hallettsville at the Hallettsville Garden and Cultural Center. Since then, his works have been exhibited and seen in New York, London, Poland and Bulgaria. His works are part of private collections around the world.

His parallel work as a creative writer, professional photographer and producer of inspiring digital content has been published with FashionTV, British Vogue, American Vogue, Suitcase Magazine, Italian Vogue, Forbes Russia and The Fashionista.

Adrenus’ philanthropic efforts in Europe paved the way for the founding of his London HOUSE Studio, home to the world’s first socially conscious modeling agency, Novelmodels. From the end of 2018, after returning to the United States, she began working alongside some of her greatest inspirations, primarily socially and environmentally responsible fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski and her team led by Emily Ulrich and the agent Anne du Boucheron.

Most recently, Craton collaborated with Los Angeles-based founder, artist and philanthropist Alexandra Grant, championing the founder’s deep mission with a local project that captures the human spirit within Grant’s “grantLOVE” brand.

Due to the pandemic, Craton was on hiatus in Hallettsville where she worked with her art, photography and production projects.

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