Greenlight Distribution chooses its best cannabis grow dehumidifiers for 2022

Quest 506 dehumidifier is one of Greenlight Distribution’s top picks for 2022

Greenlight Distribution Top Picks 2022 Dehumidifiers

Greenlight Distribution named its top picks for 2022 in the Dehumidifiers category

Quest 506 dehumidifier

Quest 506 dehumidifier is one of Greenlight Distribution’s top picks for 2022

The Quest 506 Dehumidifier and Quest 335 Dehumidifier topped Greenlight Distribution’s 2022 list of Best Picks in the dehumidifier category.

An HVAC system is the beating heart of a commercial cannabis grow site. Our experts have found the Quest 506 and Quest 335 to lead the pack in terms of efficiency, reliability and design.

– Erik Elder, Greenlight Distribution

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, December 7, 2021 / – Greenlight Distribution, a leading seller of grow products and a direct lender to commercial cannabis growers, today named its top picks in the dehumidifier category for commercial cannabis growers.

The Quest 506 Dehumidifier and Quest 335 The dehumidifier topped Greenlight Distribution’s 2022 list of Best Picks in the dehumidifier category.

“An HVAC system is the beating heart of a commercial cannabis grow site and our experts have found the Quest 506 Dehumidifier and Quest 335 Dehumidifier to lead the pack in efficiency, reliability and design,” said Erik Elder, Greenlight Sales Director. “Both are designed for growing cannabis and both tick every box for our team. And they are entitled to significant energy discounts for growers.

Rugged and efficient, the Quest 506 is the cannabis industry’s first 500 quart dehumidifier. It is a powerful and flexible workhorse in commercial cannabis grow rooms.

The 506 quart capacity makes the Quest 506 one of the most powerful commercial dehumidifiers on the market. It’s made in America, can be suspended from the ceiling or placed on the floor, and features an impressive MERV 13 filtration system.

The Quest 335 is the most efficient dehumidifier Greenlight has ever found. To prove it, Quest lets growers calculate their savings with their own data using its cost savings calculator.

“We love that the Quest 335 dehumidifier is designed specifically for commercial cannabis growers who face heavy workloads in greenhouses filled with moisture-producing crops,” said Erik Elder, Sales Manager at Greenlight.

For large installations, Greenlight chose the Quest IQ Series HVAC system as a clear precursor. Experts have found that the Quest IQ is an innovative solution that addresses the unique challenges facing indoor cannabis growers. It also has a world-class surveillance system.

You can monitor your system onsite and offsite. Quest can also monitor your units from their offices. This is a free service to all eligible Quest IQ Series owners. You just need an Ethernet cable and internet access. This means you have a second pair of experienced eyes on your crop.

“The quality of these units makes them incredible value for money,” said Erik Elder, Greenlight Sales Director. “The energy savings alone are enough to put these Quest units at the top of our 2022 list. And we’ve also helped growers earn tens of thousands of dollars in energy rebates on top of that. ”

Good climate control is crucial for successful cannabis cultivation. It makes the difference between success and failure.

The best commercial growers know this and rank their HVAC systems as one of the most important parts of their operations. Temperature is essential for good growth. Humidity is a close second.

This is because changes in temperature and humidity can affect cell structure and cause stress to your plants. Even small variations can make the difference between average cannabis and amazing cannabis. Dead spots in the air flow can limit plant development and create breeding grounds for harmful conditions.

And if an HVAC unit fails, even for a short time, you could stunt growth or even lose a crop altogether.

When the environmental conditions of a commercial facility are outside of standard levels, plants become vulnerable to molds, diseases and mites. These problems are difficult to control and can quickly lead to devastating crop loss.

Fortunately, technologies related to heating, ventilating, cooling, and dehumidifying are improving as the commercial cannabis industry expands.

Cannabis HVAC has come a long way from home growers to commercial cannabis grow sites. At first, growers were forced to use equipment designed for other purposes to control the climate in their grow room. Not anymore.

Modern HVAC technology has caught up with the demands of indoor growing. Today’s cannabis HVAC units can provide the perfect indoor growing environment.

There is a big difference between a typical indoor space and a large cannabis grow room. Grow lights create a lot of heat. Cannabis plants create a lot of humidity. Traditional HVAC systems just aren’t designed to handle this load.

This is why successful cannabis growers use industrial applications for climate control.


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